Month: August 2014

Laughter: The Deadly Implication Behind Your Jovial Mood


A person’s creative expression in a particular forte is said to be derivative of their mania entrenched so deeply that it manifests in them one of the psychotic characteristics of maniac depressiveness or schizophrenia.

I read an article “Successful comedians display symptoms of psychosis” published on The Guardian, claiming that creative comedians are unusual personalities apt at physical demonstration of best comedy because of their impulsive and irrational minds.

The article, based on a referential study, claimed that creative comedians resemble characteristics found in those affected with bipolar syndrome (a mental illness of transitory mood-shifts from happy to melancholy unpredictably).

“Their talent to amuse people lies in having unusual personalities and displaying what researchers say are high levels of psychotic characteristics.” – The Guardian

Does that mean those who “just seem to be happy” are actually not happy from inside? Does that mean the jolly face you show the world is used to hide your inward sorrow, something that’s crippling you from inside?

Well, it could mean anything or nothing until the recent suicidal case of celebrated comedian from Hollywood, Robin Williams, wouldn’t have surfaced the media world. While the rumor that the actor was being spooked by a friendly ghost is gaining the grounds, yet the things testified by neighbor that the actor suffered severe depression and Parkinson’s disease, doesn’t defy the possibility of him being depressive.


We live in a society that houses people of different temperaments; cheery, jovial, fastidious, arrogant, angry, shy, frank, free-thinkers, introvert, extrovert, ambivert and those with personality avoidant disorders.

Most of them display certain behavioral patterns according to their likes and dislikes and preferences. However, after reading about the suicidal death of the Hollywood actor, I have become a little cautious, especially in the context of observing people around me to discern if their facial expression of happiness is really a sinister trick to belie their inner-sorrow.

Well, I have not extended my thought to the possibility of theirs committing suicide out of factors, mainly societal discrimination, rejection in love, failure in study and having no employment. However, aren’t these mental dissatisfactions factor in a big way the suicidal ending of a subject’s life?

I read an article in The Times Of India saying the deceased actor, Williams, couldn’t handle the absence of physical demonstrations of love from his parents even though he believed they loved him. It was a sense of insecurity that he let sink into his heart. He maintained a jovial decorum just to fend off the anguish he felt inside.

Aside from Williams, there are countless examples of maniac depressives. Indian legendary playback singer, Kishore Kumar was said to be quite a fun-witted fellow but avoided much social contacts and usually confined self to his introversion.
TOI featured a clinical psychologist Dr Seema Hingorrany quoting that people with hypomania are very jovial in get-together party, but there is a change in their behavior when in alone.

It is believed that people who use happiness as a certain physical defense mechanism are presumed to strive against their own inner demons.


Just observe if your fast friend has suddenly turned cold in behavior, avoids social contact and enjoys his confinement to loneliness. This is the moment you should be concerned with your friend’s sudden moods-shifts.

One of the pre-suicidal symptoms associate with someone very engrossed in his seclusion, purposely avoids company of people, becomes unusually peevish and reacts strongly even on slight provocation. Time to intervene, if one of these symptoms are noticed in your friend, relatives or family person.


People feel suicidal because of many reasons. Unfortunately, occurrence in the number of people who killed self out of frustration indicates victim’s inability to respond extremity of a negative situation positively or they didn’t resort counseling or effective remedial methods within the approach.

The saddest thing with suicidal cases getting pathetic response from people is the fact that today’s people are insensitively cold and usually assign themselves to their own vested interest.

A Bolywood movie, “Ek Villain” showcases a villain protagonist suffering from mental instability that triggers on his encounter of people criticizing, abusing and scoffing him with hatred. He avenges on his insult from them, hunts them down and kill them to his ego’s satisfaction. He doesn’t take vile criticism lying down.
Not to mention that such maniac depressive walks in numbers in our society, though their facial expression or body language may defy their sinister demon within.

People may feel suicidal when they attain a state of mental instability, unable to handle the pressing circumstances haunting and tormenting them within.


One of the best ways to get acquainted with the reason of committing suicide by people is to understand the root cause of problems like their social interaction and reactivity of society to their presence.

The fact is, nobody welcomes vile criticism. Even kids hate their fathers upon their constant scolding. So, if your reaction to the behavior of someone very sensitive in the matter of social interaction has been rude and uncivilized, then yes, you are one of those in millions responsible to passively contribute their part by increasing the number of suicidal cases in society.

Beside, victim’s unexplained desires for material possessions, abuse of drugs and other things that remain unfulfilled prompt them to kill self.

It should be born into mind that most people are too sensitive to the way their presence or work is appreciated by people. They get inferiority complex upon not being well-acknowledged. This inferiority complex upon days of nurturing may cause birth of suicidal feel in them.

The fact of the matter – if we stop criticizing and instead pay respect to every human being, we would bring down the suicidal cases significantly. Also, parents must ensure that their kid’s upbringing is done under etiquette.

If we stop hating one another, we will certainly pave the path for a society where incident like suicides will never occur.