How Does Your Writing Define You As A Person?

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I have been writing over the last 4 years; have worked with some great companies as a SEO content writer, and honed my writing skills by working with fellow writers and learning from them. As a SEO writer, I carried typical job responsibilities – writing articles and blogs, all intended to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specific.

Therefore, in the span of my career as a writer, I wrote mostly for search engine optimization. Now, it’s been four years and the journey of being a writer is still on. Within these periods of my writing career, I have witnessed many ups and downs, however, the significance of them – they taught me keep on keeping on. And I am glad to maintain the continuance till now.

Though, I am not a celebrated writer/novelist/author/poet or anyone writing things for commercial purpose or non-commercial entertainment (pleasure writing). However, I have been mulling over this new-fangled contemplativeness of mine as to what other writers across the world feel of themselves as an individual towards their profession. Do they treat it with respect or do they feel ditching it out the moment they get something better to support life financially? In this context, I often tend to imply my question as to what defines them mostly as a writer.

If you ask me, I would deliver an easy answer (it seems pretty easy now, but earlier, I found it hard to explain myself to others). I observe the correct definition of me as a writer in both commercial and non-commercial perspectives is that I regard it as a channel/medium that helps me externalize my inner-self. I have seen that I am particularly recognized among friends in India by my ability to represent my thoughts in textual ways.

Here are other key, self-observed differentiators of my personality as a writer:

As a writer, it is my ability to write things creatively which has been my distinct personality recognition. Another thing that defines me as a writer that I regard it as a non-stop, continuous practice. Means, there is no stopping in it. It demands consistency, dedication, and perhaps lifelong commitment to come closer to perfection (I think there is no word like perfection that exists in writing, as every writer introspects himself/herself a learner).

I read somewhere on the Internet a quote by Stephen King, saying if you want to be good, really good in writing, you have to do two things in particular – read a lot and write a lot. Believe me, the quotation infused me with an unfathomable sense of motivation as its meaning perfectly resonates with my own credo about writing. I have a tendency of defining writing as a medium that externalizes your creative expressions. It represents your individuality everywhere you go.

So, in the context of the quote of the famous novelist, I see myself as a reader or a part of my personality is a reader that loves novels, books, magazines and newspapers. Reading Hindi and English novels, comics and magazines has been my hobbies since the academic pursuit in college. I have been an avid fan of Ved Prakash Sharma, the Hindi novelist, whose novels I read on the cost of my hunger. I developed my writing skill commercially by joining a company in Noida, India where I learned from the mistakes and advice from senior writers.

As a writer, writing defines my personality as a contemplative guy. You will hardly find me public-pleasing entertainer or a jovial sales agent trying his best to convince customers over the phone. That’s because I find these things atypical to my personality, as it require me to be a jovial extrovert to deal with people confidently. Well, it doesn’t mean that I shy away from people, but I can’t do attention-seeking kind of things. But with writing, that’s pretty easy. It’s a mirror image of my personality and helps me convey my creative expression well.


Also, on hindsight, you’d figure out your write-up not very perfect and you’d probably think something like “I could have written this piece of writing somewhat otherwise interestingly or better.” (Who knows, after a couple of days when I observe this write-up and end up cursing myself for not having written it better.)
In that way, my writing defines me being a self-critique pedantic on my own write-ups 🙂


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