Month: October 2014

Do You Think Creativity Is Time Specific?

pawan kumar jha writerIf you look up dictionary, you’d probably find ‘creativity’ being defined something like – “the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new or a work of art” – which I believe pretty much close to my discretion as well. Besides, what I find intriguing about creativity is that it is time-sensitive. I mean, you can be at your creative best in certain time of a day.

Say for instance, I find myself at my creative best during morning, especially right after I leave bed, come into the contact of sunlight, stroll around the meadows and take a walk of few miles. This is terrific, put my mind into functioning mode. Again! I perceive these intangible phenomena during the morning hour, that it is really awesome time to express myself creatively.

Scientifically, the morning hour is the time our brain is on full-functioning mode. You see, when you have tight sleep at night, the following day in the morning, when you get up, you feel energetic, youthful.

That’s the symbolic of mind that it indeed rested well previous night.

The result?

Well, your mind is ready to act on at your will, enthusiastically. But, unfortunately, most of us murder this regenerated cerebral capacity of mind by caffeine. It’s dangerous! Caffeinated stuffs like tea, coffee or other beverage deliver adverse effect on the mind, attenuates its ability to think creatively.

You think it makes you feel energetic?


It doesn’t.

It makes you feel weaker, slowly…so slow in process that you barely notice the development until living a day without tea/coffee triggers strange headache. You wither. Heck…you act like a drug-abuse patient (in fact, use of caffeinated stuff is considered a sane way to insanely become its addict).

Anyway, my point was – I am at my creative best during morning hour. This is the time where I am at my best – to write things creatively. And yes – I believe that one’s creativity in particular forte is time specific.