Month: March 2015

Physical Inertia Favors Mental Passivity

physical inertia
Physical inertia contributes mental passivity.
Image from Wikimedia Commons

I found the sentence when I was reading THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. I strained my eyes hard in an effort to get the good grasp of the sentence. Before the thinking faculty of my mind could explain the sentence, I had another second thought – “how about skipping?” Well, honestly, I couldn’t do so. I just quelled the growing aversion and backtracked to decipher its meaning.

And here’s what the visual study of the sentence bred the sense:

What is inertia?

In the simplest defined terminology, Inertia is being unresponsive either physically or mentally to a thing. To be more precise, it’s synonymous to one’s laziness or indolence. However, the science of physics defines inertia of a moving or still objects as its status-quo. Means, if the object is moving or static, it remains so until the application of an external force transpires a remarkable transition in its status.

Physical inertia, then, is the laziness or indolence of a person.

Now, ‘physical inertia favors mental passivity’, as the way I concur, results to be an implication that people are typically averse to indulging into a mental activity unless spurred by certain physical responses/impulses, instinctively or normally. These physical responses are the manifestation of the mental activity and the antithesis of the same manifests as mental passivity. So to say, our mind works normal or better based on the vibes derivative of the physical activities. It doesn’t function or slips into the comatose in the absence of physical activity.

Relationship with writing

I am a writer. Most of the times, I have noticed the attenuating sense of enthusiasm for my writing. On deeper analysis, I found it was the outcome of my physical inertia. Many a time, despite believing that writing is really a very serious chore requiring regular and constant practice to reach at perfection, I fail to responsibly adhere to such a conditional indulgence.

The result?

Well, the mental passivity. However, that’s not the single reason to be the outcome of the mental passivity. In fact, writer’s block syndrome is also one of the factors contributing mental passivity for writing.

Remedial solution

The remedial solution to mental passivity lies in the fact of spurring physical activities in certain manifestations – either indulging into the things of your interest or training the mind to be a commanding officer of your bodily organs (responsible to functionalize the entire organic machineries). For instance, if you are a writer who do not practice to be more amenable to the inward call, there transpires in your sense organs the occasional apathy for writing.

It becomes firmly entrenched if the tendency remains unchangeable for long.

That’s the all of it. Hope, you’d love interpretation of the thought.


Four Personality Flaws Indicating the Enormity of Moral Depravity

During the course of my life, I have gone through spiritual awakening and developed keen affinity with divine related things.  Character-wise, I am an individual who (perfunctorily) keep a watchful eye around my environments, people and surroundings… just to discover something curiously valuable. I have discovered by observing people some personality flaws, which I believe can transform them into a morally depraved individual, someone who absent-mindedly follows wrong path and does immoral deeds. I believe these personality flaws must be recognized earlier to ensure their earlier abandonment before the malevolence of these flaws keep victimizing the sufferers for the rest of life.

Here are the personality flaws or shortcomings which speak the enormity of moral depravity for an individual sufferer :

Pathological liars

From Gandhi to Buddha, they believed and therefore they imparted this immortal wisdom to (uncaring and senseless) humans about truth and why we should follow it every time. Gandhi was firm believer of the non-violence and truth. During the course of his freedom fight, he maintained passive resistance to British rules, he barely flinched with staking his life on these beliefs as he visualised the unfathomable potency of those words and the magical outcome they dispensed when followed steadfastly. Today, unfortunately, most of us love to have this moral depravity by being pathological liars or simply a liar. Falsifying is such a moral crime that we (in)advertently commit every time without even confessing in front of the Lord to seek His forgiveness for such a moral delinquency.

To sum it up – lying is truly a mendacious act which highlights our moral depravity.

Disrespectful to elders/women

Once a good fellow told me that a society blooms with boundless prosperity where women are loved and respected. He said this to me when I was a little kid. I hate to admit that I have flaunted the wisdom of his words sometimes when I lost my temper on fair sexes (women) (but I never used F-ridden expletives) because of certain misunderstanding.

The point is – being discourteous/disrespectful or look down upon elders/women is such a shameful act you can’t measure the moral depravity of it in words, both in your objective or subjective calculation.

The society I was brought up with the lesson of being respectful to elders reasoned behind adhering to the moral lesson, that paying respect to elders (touching feet to elder has been custom we Indians usually follow) blesses the doers the life of peace, wealth and longevity (which has now scientifically been proven).

It hurts to see the custom vanishing into oblivion.


I believe a man without education equals his stature with that of an animal and there is no discrepancy of whatsoever between them as both the species represent their personality as an illiterate mind. If the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory coined by Charles Darwin is to be referred, we conclude that the animals smarter enough than their counterparts to acclimatize in their surroundings averted their possible extinction. In fact, illiteracy affords dumbness, blinding us to recognize opportunity surfaced around us while literacy affords intelligence and wisdom which cleanses our wrong perception and we see the world clearer, grab the opportunity and maximize it to create a life filled with peace and prosperity.

With literacy, I do not mean to imply academically educated fellows engaged in a blind pursuit to seek temporal pleasure by abdicating respect, dignity, morality and humanity. What I mean to imply is the individuals with deep understanding to regard and appreciate things that matter for moral and spiritual transformation of entire humanity, the people with sense of responsibility to safeguard environment and the planet. A literate person is the one who is creative thinker, compassionate and accountable towards parental and societal responsibility and its fulfilment. In brief, illiteracy is such a personality flaws that it makes moral depravity of illiterate standout.

Foul-mouthed and unkind

This is self-explanatory, as we often witness outcome of  morally depraved fellows being cursed, despised and driven away by their own kindred. It always wonders me why parents tend to be disinclined to follow or imbibe the lessons they so graciously preach upon their children. We do not need any philosophical insight to understand why souls like Mother Teresa, Mandela and Gandhi have their unseen presence felt in us. For sure they did something so kindly we can never compensate in monetary terms. To say the least, being foul-mouthed and unkind is the extreme sense of moral depravity of such a fellow. Society never hesitates rejecting them.

By Pawan Kumar Jha

One Lesson I Learned From Rango

Rango movie lesson

First off – Rango (2011) is a computer-animated movie, a fantastic blend of action and comedy flavour.

I watched it recently.

Can’t explain exactly if that’s the first animated movie I have watched (given my reluctance to these types of movies, but hey – I’ve acquired a new-born proclivity towards them over quite a few times).

So, I happened to watch Rango and I was totally impressed with it not because of the lifelike experience of animation, but the storyline, action, and whole ingredients of it were just the creation of a top-notch masterpiece.

And yes, there is one remarkable lesson learnt besides getting myself entertained wholeheartedly.

And that is…

Confidence breeds improvisation/adaptability technique – an instinctive call to prove your fittability 

Decades ago, Charles Darwin quoted this epic and immortal dialogue about the survivability of creatures on the Earth, saying those extremely adaptable to their current surroundings were rewarded the privilege of living as opposed to those who didn’t exert the required acclimatization and were consequently sentenced to death by (cruel) nature.

The extinction of many unknown/imaginary creatures on Earth proves Charles’ theory.

Means ‘survival of the fittest’ theory finds its mesmeric cinematic interpretation in Rango, when Rango (a pet chameleon) enters into a saloon store – a dilapidated place engulfed by graveyard-like silence, deadly-looking folks staring and scoffing at Rango’s presence, and most remarkably – the squelching ceiling fan accentuating the seriousness of the indoor environment of the (spooky) place.

In such an unfamiliar, strange and weird place where your presence is merely acknowledged or rather sneered at, the next moment what you do that spells unexpectedly a staggering personality recognition instantly among the pokerfaced spectators shows the gravity of your confidence and presence of mind that prompted you improvise to the surroundings’ demands.

As a matter of fact, such a terrific and much-needed personality trait must be emulated from whomever possess it, for that’s the most acknowledged technique to afford survival guarantee in a strange environment.

I just replayed the whole scene many times just to savour the depth of improvisation technique adopted by Rango when Owl asks – “What’s the matter? You missing your mommy’s mangos? and the prompt subsequent Rango’s reply – As a matter of fact, I am. But not as much as your daddy’s cooking!” – and what happens afterwards is the story known to everyone who has watched this great movie.