One Lesson I Learned From Rango

Rango movie lesson

First off – Rango (2011) is a computer-animated movie, a fantastic blend of action and comedy flavour.

I watched it recently.

Can’t explain exactly if that’s the first animated movie I have watched (given my reluctance to these types of movies, but hey – I’ve acquired a new-born proclivity towards them over quite a few times).

So, I happened to watch Rango and I was totally impressed with it not because of the lifelike experience of animation, but the storyline, action, and whole ingredients of it were just the creation of a top-notch masterpiece.

And yes, there is one remarkable lesson learnt besides getting myself entertained wholeheartedly.

And that is…

Confidence breeds improvisation/adaptability technique – an instinctive call to prove your fittability 

Decades ago, Charles Darwin quoted this epic and immortal dialogue about the survivability of creatures on the Earth, saying those extremely adaptable to their current surroundings were rewarded the privilege of living as opposed to those who didn’t exert the required acclimatization and were consequently sentenced to death by (cruel) nature.

The extinction of many unknown/imaginary creatures on Earth proves Charles’ theory.

Means ‘survival of the fittest’ theory finds its mesmeric cinematic interpretation in Rango, when Rango (a pet chameleon) enters into a saloon store – a dilapidated place engulfed by graveyard-like silence, deadly-looking folks staring and scoffing at Rango’s presence, and most remarkably – the squelching ceiling fan accentuating the seriousness of the indoor environment of the (spooky) place.

In such an unfamiliar, strange and weird place where your presence is merely acknowledged or rather sneered at, the next moment what you do that spells unexpectedly a staggering personality recognition instantly among the pokerfaced spectators shows the gravity of your confidence and presence of mind that prompted you improvise to the surroundings’ demands.

As a matter of fact, such a terrific and much-needed personality trait must be emulated from whomever possess it, for that’s the most acknowledged technique to afford survival guarantee in a strange environment.

I just replayed the whole scene many times just to savour the depth of improvisation technique adopted by Rango when Owl asks – “What’s the matter? You missing your mommy’s mangos? and the prompt subsequent Rango’s reply – As a matter of fact, I am. But not as much as your daddy’s cooking!” – and what happens afterwards is the story known to everyone who has watched this great movie.


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