Writing – Brevity Is The Essence

Writing to me is like seeing myself into the mirror and appreciating the reflection according to the standard of my judgement. You can say that’s one of the most important personality aspects of mine. It’s been almost five years since I am into writing. If I am to include the school days where teachers would often assign me topics for essays, I concur I have been writing for many years, since the days of my schooling.

When I started writing commercially as a SEO writer, I was instructed to write content with placement of keywords more than necessary. Over-stuffing keywords was order of the day. However, time changed and content marketing witnessed rapid transition by the advent of guidelines, suggestions and prohibitory steps taken by search engines (Google’s Panda, Panguin) in their respective efforts to improve standard of content and to safeguard reliability of their source.

I have been writing since Blackhat and Whitehat SEO tactics prevailed and which were resorted by most to increase traffic counts on their websites, fetch backlinks and earn revenues. Back then writing from the perspective of earning required me to flow with the time, and therefore, I succumbed to the demanding situations. However, writing for SEO in those days was like writing for content mill…perhaps search engines were not technically evolved as they are now.

However, the thing which remains unplugged from my conscious reasoning faculty of mind was the style of writing. Times gone by since I started to write, yet this style of writing has been a lingering thought.

The style was – BREVITY!

Why does brevity matter? Why should a writer follow brevity?

Brevity improves comprehension: Scientists proved we human beings possess no balls in tolerating (let alone comprehending) extremely verbose and lengthy piece of writing. We skip it over out of freaking annoyance. On the contrary, brief writing always emerges in limelight. People love it as paves quick comprehension of the subject being presented in text.

Brevity empowers writing – Something said in few words is relatively more sought-after and readable stuff as compared to the one expressed in textual diarrhea. Most importantly, concision in writing empowers it remarkably. You will always find the stark difference of impressiveness between the write-up with words-extravagance and the one with briefness in precision.

What kind of brevity matters in writing? Is it shortness of sentence or paragraph that matters?

If you ask me, I’d say brevity matters both in terms of shortness of sentence and briefness of entire content in an article/blog. To be more precise, a sentence less than 10 words or an article between 500-600 words defines brevity.  The length of a sentence may exceed of what’s being recommended if the syntax is meaningful and it stands to reason. However, short sentence must be followed besides maintaining concision.

Note: Thoughts expressed here are representation of writer’s personal standpoint.


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