Writing – Boring Only When You Run Out Of Ideas To Write About

I keep writing in abeyance provided I run out of ideas, the quality thoughts! I have been assertive in advocating the importance of having quality materials for a writer, as they are requisite essentials determining the quality quotient of writing. In the absence of quality materials, writing is nothing but the funny outcome of some nonsensical or unreadable piece of garbage.

It’s like seeds. The quality of seeds you sow determine finally the quality of harvest you reap later. And if you do not have quality seeds, you do not have quality harvest. Quality materials or inspiring thoughts are the lifeblood for any writer, be it author, novelist, article writer or blogger. I, for one, ensure presence of these quality materials in my mind before I start to write something.

These materials do not necessarily mean to be of super quality or unique, but as I believe in the maxim – ‘have something to say not to say something – I, therefore feel completely disinterested, reluctant to write anything. In fact, I do conjure up myself as someone with the steadily growing convulsion of “Ah! What the heck I am doing now!” when there is nothing good in my mind to write about, to talk about.

Writing, for me, is the depiction of my inward personality as most of the thoughts that I externalize through writing are the result of my thoughts manufactured out of my inward sentiments. And when there is nothing to say specifically, I tend to quit on writing.  For me, the growing aversion towards writing in the absence of good ideas is something relatable to impression of my outward personality – self-reserved, shy, introvert and a kind of “Al right guys, if you believe that shit, go ahead. I am better being myself” guy!

The bottomline – I am so unwilling to talk when I have nothing specific or good to say (well, I do talk nonsense. Common I am not spiritually pure sort of Buddha guy).

That’s the writing all about, for me! NO IDEAS, NO WRITING!

“Do you ever feel the growing sense of inertia for writing?” I was asked once, albeit the exact wording of the question escapes from my memory now.

“Yes. I feel inertia for writing when I do not have good idea to write about. For writing, I must have something in mind to externalize. Without ideas, the spirit of writing is almost dead to me.”- was the short and straightforward answer.


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