Writing – The Deed I Am So Smitten With

It’s been over four years of my consistent involvement with writing. Seems like the tryst I’d made four years back was fated to be in continuance for a pleasingly unknown time duration. The journey; well, can’t say exactly, but has been on the roller coaster ride.

Faced ups and downs in my career. Respected and despised. Praised and criticized. Humiliated and encouraged. Moralized and demoralized. Been disgruntled at vilifications. Made fun of… and appreciated, too.

The bioscope of my writing journey in brief – more thorny than rosy!

Yet, the significance of the journey was the continuation notwithstanding the “unfavourably more downs than ups” situations I’d encountered!

The time I entered into this field I was laterally unbeknownst to my knocking at the door that was the entryway to the labyrinth of immeasurable difficulties. The semblance of rest, intense competitions dilating everyday to a new dimension in market, each day more challenging than the past day in proving my worth – they are inseparable in context of writing that I experienced in these years.

Did I fail myself? Did those vilifications inflict any damage onto my self-esteem, hurting me to an extent where I called it a day? Was I about to abandon writing?

No! Nothing of the sort actually materialized, thanks to my strictly followed and self-imposed disciplinary conducts.

Please do not expect me to blurt the received wisdom – quitting is easy, continuing is hard. That maybe true (rather it is) but not pertinent exactly in my context (of what I had undergone through with this).

I never thought of abdicating the responsibility of what I’d initiated as a career choice just because I was feeling the steadily growing LOVE for it.

Most importantly – it was resonating with my personality! So, the thought of disavowing writing due to unsavory, unwelcoming criticisms will be like dislocating one of the vital organs of my body. How can I do that? How can I forsake something I am so related with?

Unregretfully writing has been a wonderful career choice regardless of it being not handsomely rewarding in monetary terms if compared with other jobs. But then again, if I consider abandoning this, won’t the comparison signify my dismissive attitude for the chosen goal?

My focused objective with regards to this chosen goal pertains to enhancing its dimension creatively where I no longer feel subjugated to any disobliging, demanding and unaccommodating circumstances tantamount to murdering or confining my creative expressions into the dungeon plunged by pitched darkness. I can’t do that.

Writing is offspring of thoughts, wonderful ideas, which play crucial role in constituting strong foundation for great, enlightening and compellingly readable stuffs. More often than not, most writers stay confined to their self-imposed introversion, thereby being oblivious to the objective world around!

Their self-created, unique and undisturbable subjective world is the storehouse of great thoughts. They develop the power of discernment through the long-continued and perfectly-disciplined practice to mug, generate and illustrate powerful ideas. It requires times conditionally but offers valuably rewarding gifts, something akin to the idiomatic expression – blessing in disguise.

I hope my chosen goal will soon endow me with the desired discernment for unique ideas.

Before I close the narration, let me confess that I am so given to the tendency of engrossing myself into my self-created fantasy world, and that’s the place my alter-ego writer dwells. It is typical with almost all writers – to have the tryst with intangible thoughts.

Since writing is all about creation and presentation of unique thoughts, writer like me falls in love with their own ideas. It is not the implication of imposing one’s own idea, but writers curate thoughts and ideas and make them presentable in the interest of readers.

But the bottomline remains the same – to be in love with writing! To be smitten with it!

What about you? Are you in love with what you love to do?


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