Mothers Day: In Forever Gratitude With The Guardian Angel

mothers day

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Though I have never been able to be in constant touch with my mother, and most often I miss the chance of talking her over the phone, yet what remains unchanged is the long-continued and undying sweet memories I had the privilege to experience with my mother, since the transition of myself from childhood to adulthood. It’s beyond the count of words!

And I am so enthusiastic by the fact of being in forever gratitude to the lady whose motherly contribution afforded in us the transition of unique human being, the godlike deeds not indeminifable in any monetary terms, for they have been the good deeds, priceless and peerless.

My mom will remain an adorable angel for me in whose motherly care my childhood developed from a little naughty and prankster baby boy into a matured and intellectual young lad.

The transition from childhood to adulthood under her constant look after is now such a cherished memory that I most definitely will keep the nostalgia until my grave.

She resides far away from me, yet on this occasion of Mother’s Day, what remains unchanged will be my usual phone call asking for her health and if everything is okay back home.

Ah! Can’t verbalize her joy after listening my voice over the phone…same motherly concern if I am in good shape or not…the same mild scolding over my saying that I missed foods…the same home remedy tips advised upon my informing her that I’ve got sneezing and runny nose.

My mom is not educated, but what she did to all of us and under what motherly care we were brought up with makes her in our viewpoint a highly-esteemed female personality we’ve ever come across. She’s the manifestation of the revered deity we often hear in mythology and fairy-tales.

mothers day

Wishing my mom and to the mom of everyone a very happy MOTHER’S DAY !!



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