Improving Writing Skill – Two Substantial Ways Leading To Perfection

Writing in the sense of writing involves 100 per cent commitment and dedication without any perceptible sign of giving up on it. Writing involves being proactive to understand what’s going on in the market for your benefit to improvise yourself to the emerging needs of the market and readers’ preferential treatment for a trending topic aside from developing familiarity of what needs to be done to be on TOP.

The narration about 2 best writing-skill-improvement suggestions has been made in this blog with the sole purpose of giving you some insights from my empirical understanding and practical involvement with content writing over these nearly five years.

Train yourself consciously that you love writing and will never quit it in the face of any conceivable adversity coming in your way to stop you from following this CALL

A writer friend of mine recently informed me this surprising news concerning his “calling it a day” from his two-years non-stop writing journey, saying it literally made him feel it was a thankless job. I read some blogs and articles on different online directories condemning writing to be a thankless job followed by the suggestion that anybody who wants to be in must RETHINK lest they should spoil their future!

Terrible, isn’t it?

BUT that’s for those disappointment-stricken writers who consciously have given up on writing, you included if the sense of succumbing to these negative preachers is sabotaging your rational mind and dissuade you from following this CALL.

Take my words – think twice, thrice or even 100 times before you hit your fingers on keyboard. Serious writing ain’t that easy chore as you may have presumed from the impression of others.

You must develop the willpower of not quitting on writing before you really hit the board. If you do this on an impulse of thought, very soon you’d get yourself victimised by feelings such as humdrum, monotony, nerve-wrecking chore! Anything chosen against will affords pain.

Believe you can also write

Having seen successful bloggers being appreciated and praised all over the internet has given you the sense of inferiority complex? Do you feel their writing is great and that’s what makes you feel you can’t do it all by yourself?

If you think that way, then you’re right – you can’t write – not even a single word!

You gotta believe that writing is not the privilege bestowed upon to the selected few. People aren’t born writers. Those who write better than you must have foregrounded their skill by following various skill-improving factors that you are either not aware of or you have not adopted practically into your niche.

That’s where the shoe pinches.

Get rid of that negativity and believe that YOU CAN ALSO WRITE. Once the belief is firmly established, there won’t be any stopping for you – you’d be then like any F10 on a race course hungry to dash forward in any moment!

When writing is adopted as the ultimate recourse to earn bread and butter and when you’re sure as hell that leaving it would ruin you financially will not only imprison you into the confinement of your writing but it will ultimately lead you experience frustration, irritation and hatred for the job.

Never treat writing as if it is something to be done as a compulsory legal responsibility. Just love it and accept that you are doing great in your niche. Every thought that we feel consciously has its ultimate outcome, as our thought faculty mind, that is the subconscious mind – translates every thought transported by the conscious mind into its physical materialization.

That being said, your attitude towards success of writing determines its fruition. If you constantly hate it, you will never make it.

That’s for the day!

Hope, you’d enjoy the tips

Have yourself an epic Sunday, friends!


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