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5 Advantages To Delve Deep Into The Basic Of Content Curation

Still not a widespread catchphrase for most in the content world, ‘Content curation’ is defined to be a significant content-related methodology involving curation (searching, sifting and filtering particular info based on its quality, relevancy) and sharing high quality information all over social media.

If the term is to be simplified, it stands for the process of shortlisting most useful digital information (articles, newsletter, video, infographics or other media content) from numerous Internet platforms and sources. Afterwards, the digital inputs are compiled into presentable format for readers. By that definition, content curation implies to be grueling and strenuous task, especially when it involves surfing diverse sources to finally find worthwhile and relevant info to write about.

How does content curation differ from content creation?

As the name itself suggests, content curation involves handpicking existing, relevant content from different online sources, a kind of compilation of content and then sharing it on the web. Conclusively, there is no creativity involved on the part of content curator, except the fact that the he/she organizes and compiles stuff from various random reliable sources.

Content curators do not storify unique concept through their own creative expressions, they just present someone else great idea through web-sharing. Storifying unique concept is the prerogative creativity of a content creator.

If you ask me, while everyone may curate content to the significance of improving their web presence, not everyone has the required flair to create content. From this perspective of improving brand value, content curators sound less effective as compared to the content creators, only if the latter do not maintain regularity in posting useful and relevant stuffs.

If you observe things deeply, you may concur that content curators and content creators are reciprocally inter-dependent; curators need quality materials to share while creators rely on them to see if their (curators) materials are shared all over the web. Content creators have to undergo various efforts to ultimately present something that is logically agreeable and engagingly beautiful for readers. A curator endorses the efforts of the creators through sharing.

Content curation – Advantages

A content curator is skilled at streamlining the (grueling) task of searching; filtering and sharing quality stuff, thus becoming a significant part of content publishing process for any content creator or business organization in the world. There are some salient benefits with content curators; some of them are defined into the below-mentioned categories:

  1. Social media optimizer: Content curator stockpiles relevant information from different platforms/resources on the web, filters the best content and share them among your followers on social media platforms. This way, the curators optimize your social media presence and visibility, an undeniable contribution towards improving brand value of your business over social media.
  1. Endorsement of your insight – Whether you are a big gun in your niche or a great content creator in your field, how would people know of your talent or particular quality until it is shared with them? That’s what a content curator does for – endorsing your expertise/insight to get recognized among global audience.

One of the best and most obvious advantages of a content curator is to impart productive knowledge into your target audience over the web marketing landscape. To state otherwise, content curators contribute their efforts into getting your insight/expertise recognized among your audience.

  1. Improves brand personality – Perhaps every entrepreneur in the world faces some sort of problems once a while. Later at the success phase of their life, they feel deep-down that others may have felt the similar problems as they had in past.

So, they take out time to tout their experience helpful for others. Here, content curators share your experience with others, letting your audience know that you are sensitive to their problems they encounter in certain walks of their business endeavor. The history witnesses that those brands which cared the problems of their customers genuinely had a lot of loyal customers. Content curators by sharing your experience with audience help you improve your brand personality.

  1. Solidifies Engagement – One of the most important responsibilities of a content curator is to solidify trust of your brand by sharing your audience high quality information related to their needs. With continuous provision of quality content, you’ll experience tremendous influx of visitors to read your stuff – that will mark an inception of strong engagement with your customers in due course of time.
  1. Let your brand expand well – Content curators share other persons’ stuff over the web. Sooner or later, the persons (blogger/brands) notice that their stuffs are being shared. To return the favor, they will either share curator’s posts or express gratitude for sharing their stuffs in front of other brand personalities, a kind of reciprocal behavior.

Content curation most definitely is a part of any content marketing where informativeness of content is deemed core factor to actualize success in its physical materialization.

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