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Ten Brainless, Dumb-witted Behaviors You Should Not Show On Facebook

fb errant manner

The contribution of Facebook to uplifting people’s virtual social lifestyle is wonderful, highly admirable and worth appreciating. To get connected with global people, understanding each other’s culture, rituals and shared beliefs/prejudices and perceptions are some attributes standing out Facebook  as an arguably the top most social media platform to choose to have virtual merriment.

However, while Facebook has given us a very convenient virtual way to befriend and stay connected with people across the globe, the very medium has caused us suffer some sorts of mental problems as well. No doubt, Facebook has evolved significantly in terms of understanding the varying needs of its users and has improved their virtual experience tremendously.

But, people are driven by their thought impulse. Sometimes, they emit behaviours in certain propriety not willingly acceptable by others. These behaviours cause them become someone’s amusement/guffaw. And this ‘someone’ could be your friend or relative you have befriended on Facebook. Here, you can’t blame facebook for being the reason of your derisive nature or being the butt of joke among the community of your friends. Your particular persona is developed by your own decorum and etiquette that you exercise on facebook. Why blame it for your current plight?

In order to help you better understand how you can avert being possibly a clown-like dumb figure in the eyes of your facebook friends, I have narrated few key points. They stand as follow:

1. Sorely Bullshitter

If you are given to the temperament of shooting the breeze or splitting hair, or even attempt to blurt out anything tantamount to disregarding your own words, quit this habit on Facebook and on your real life, too. It’s unacceptable. This is not because you should discipline yourself for others, this is because there are or must be certain code of conducts and speaking manner on Facebook. While stupid gossips or senseless diatribe about your neighbour’s new dog/car may humour you or few of the like-minded friends for a while, it is still considered anti—social, dumb-witted, insensitive FB behaviour.

2. The Slappable Pervert

Facebook has give you the access to millions of global friends. It has given you a free-able opportunity to hang around with the like-minded pals, chat and be merry. While you are given the leeway to enjoy these cost-free privileges, you are, at the same time, not supposed to be a pervert or anyone close to that definition. Never share naked pictures of female escorts/girls, do not update your timeline with erotic messages or with anything signifying you’re lust-driven boozer on a prowl to sexually accost a stranger.

3. Hate Monger

You may land yourself in a jail for being hate-monger against a particular religion/country or person in particular. This behavior of yours, in the eyes of laws, is unacceptable even though you think liberty of speech is your right to exercise on FB.

Yes, freedom of speech is an established system on social media platforms. However, you can’t contort this definition into your selfish gain. This shouldn’t be your subterfuge to gain the ungainly attention.Your liberty of speech doesn’t grant vituperation, spreading racial slurs, launching diatribe/expletives or slang for an individual/religion or anything/anyone…just because you think you’ve right to voice your displeasure by abusing the right of FB.

4. Washing Dirty Linen

Al right! So, you’re married and a very happy spouse to each other. OR, you’re upset with your spouse? Okay, the best thing is to mutually settle down your dispute in somewhere nice place. BUT, your FB is not a right place to spit out the ultra-personal things. While your intention to share these things might denote your innocent attitude to bare your heart in textual format, you can’t be sure about the evil intention of your friends as to in what way they would mis/interpret your say.

Sometimes, you unwittingly become a howl of universal derision because of silly personal matters you’ve shared on your FB timeline.

5. Capraciously Tempering Relationship Status

I have seen people changing relationship status frequently on FB. No sooner few days gone by than you see their previous status “Married” changed into “Single/divorced” right after few days. There are various instances showing mindless attitude of FB users tempering with their relationship status. This is interpreted to be an extremely annoying and scornful FB conduct.

6. Annoyingly Boastful

So, you have made a fortune from your business, or have completed highest form of education, or you have scaled over the peak of the Mount Everest. Congratulation! Impressive accomplishment! But no boasting on FB, please. Narrating about your accomplishment is good and acceptable until the same doesn’t reach at the point of an annoying exaggeration. There is difference between telling and boasting something. The latter is never good or acceptable form of sharing “what’s on your mind” status.

7. The Tag Terrant

Until seems absolutely necessary, tagging friends every time you come up with a picture or quote or story will not only cost you lose good friends, but your FB manner will earn you dismissive regard from friends as well. Nobody gives a damn to your self-held belief unless you happen to be a globally celebrated celebrity, saint or famous leader of your country.

8. Pseudo User, Bisexually Unidentifiable Prick

Got a fake FB profile? Terminate it once for all! People these days are madly obsessed with being attention-seekers. In the obsession, they do anything capaciously. Since female face is seductively enticing, most guys make a pseudo female profile on Facebook. Even some ladies keep a fake profile under different names. This is bad, a totally disdainful behaviour one must never show on facebook.

9. The Persistent Friendship Request Sender

If you want to befriend someone you have never met in person, the better way to do so is to message the person in a gentlemanly way of asking permission from his/her. This is a good way of befriending on FB. Moreover, do not befriend with someone who doesn’t share your viewpoints at all. Such sort of friendship doesn’t last longer. If it does anyhow, then I bet, there is no room for constant conversation, there is huge conversion gap between two of them.

Take me for instance; I have a lot of friends with no speaking terms for months. Does such friendship worth the deal?

Anyway, just don’t send stranger friendship request. The chance is, you may end up receiving flat denial or block depending on the attitude of the person you have sent request to. The persistent friendship request sender is finally blocked by FB as well.

10. Whimsically Temperamental

If you’re prone to changing your opinions too often, if there is no constancy between what you believe and what you do, if you’re unpredictable given your mood swings, then I am afraid, this whimsical temperament of yours on Facebook may estrange many friends of yours. Possibly you may lose many. Quit being so temperamental. It will make you look like a dumb-witted FB user.

Thanks for reading the blog. If you think I have missed some points here, feel free to share your views.


Bajarangi Bhaijan Is Lost In Lousy Translation Of Endorsing ‘Wishful’ Indo-Pak Bilateral Bonhomie

Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie review

Bajarangi Bhaijan would have been a real cinematic delight had it not zoomed into the mainstream sluggishness of the plot, something delineating its temperamental whimsicality of turning into the fated mediocrity.

Against the buffoonery of those reviewers supporting Bajarangi Bhajan blithely, I sort f feel disagreed, displeased & turned off!

What impression left rested in my mind after watching Bajarangi Bhaijan was the insipidity of movie’s plot creeping into an anticipated climax –

a mob of frenzied civilians of neighbouring country thronged at the barbed gate of Indo-Pak cross border, their jovial faces acknowledging philanthropic-cum-benevolent act of Salman aka Pawan Chaturvedi, the return of the voice of the speech-impaired kid AND the implied message of bilateral bonhomie among civilians of both the nations!

(I believe that scene which figuratively implies the message of Indo-Pak bilateral conviviality sums up its essence unless not judged otherwise).

That’s all of it the movie you’ll get after watching. I even fail to comprehend the inflated glorification for the movie sung in blithe obsession with the actor by media all over the web.

On what purpose Salman Khan did this movie is beyond my ken, but as being one of the diehard fans, I just feel surprised. Honestly. If you think Sallu bhai has taken a great risk of doing something out of the established Bollywood trend, that would be hard to argue with.

The Plot that surprises you sometimes before you realize it’s typical Bolly-storyline

A mother of a speech-impaired kid Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) of Pakistan origin lands in Indian capital city, Delhi to seek divine blessing at Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s dargah to cure her daughter’s speech-impairment disorder. One her back to Pakistan in a train, she finds her daughter being lost in India. This scene is the literal personification of someone stranded on an strange island.

Very soon the lost girl meets Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi in Kurukshetra. A staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, Pawan is barely given to the temperament of lying or falling in romance with any girl until he bumps into Rasika (Kareena Kapoor). Rasika’s father happens to be the close-knit family of Pawan’s father. Thus, he stays with her family along with the muted girl (name changed, Munnni). Finally, Pawan discovers Munni’s nationality, vows himself to send her back to her country, and in that, he consults an agency that does this sort of kabutarbazi (human trafficking)… oblivious to Pawan.

However, Pawan finally takes this task on his shoulder, lands in Pakistan surreptitiously. After a lot of twists and turns that follows, which also involves Sallu bhai caught in the line of fire during vehicular pursuit by Pakistani cops under typical cinematic accusation – Indian spy! (I just wonder why Pakistani cops are so madly obsessed with Indians in movies) – the girl meets with her mother, prompting a chain reaction of emotive familial reunion.

The best part of Bajarangi Bhaijan

I barely recollect anything that would jog my memory. So, nothing in my opinion could be described as best, EXCEPT the message of bhaichara between two nations.

If judged from cinematic depiction, the figurative endorsement of bilateral rapprochement between two nations is not impressive. However, if judged out of pure conscience, then it is definitely worth-appreciating effort of the director, Kabir Khan to have exerted an effort to present the “wishful” mutual bonhomie between the civilians of India and Pakistan.

But the cinematic representation of the same attenuates this spirit of brotherhood, appears like a passable replica of Gadar – Ek Prem Katha. Wait – don’t forget the sweet-faced adorable kid and her charming way of calling Salman “MAMA”.

She’s the best part of the movie, Salman included.

The worst part of Bajarangi Bhaijan

Action choreography, in my personal standpoint, doesn’t induce the formidability of Salman I had anticipated. Worse, what I had to witness was some nefarious, amateur choreography – the tearful and enraged Sallu Bhai, beaten up goons crashing headlong on the floor in oblivion to movie watchers how Salman bhai flanged those ruffians out of the windows.

The presentation of storyline seems a funny outcome of the whimsical gossips of some school girls 🙂

Why should you watch Bajarangi Bhaijan?

I can’t advise follow this unless you happen to be the hardcore and diehard fan of Salman and  never miss his new release regardless of the staleness and boredom of the storyline.

Why shouldn’t you watch this movie?

If your temper is short-lived towards stale movie storyline, senseless fights and meaningless songs coupled with awful dance choreography!

Key turn-offs!

At last, you are not supposed to trust my words, for what I have said is the account of my own experiential insight about the movie, a personal viewpoint, not the substantiated judgement of honourable court. Therefore, do not base your opinion on my words. Just watch yourself first and then deduce whether I stand corrected or not.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Note: This Bajarangi Bhaijan movie review is the account of my own experience after watching the same. Hence, opinions expressed here may not concede to many readers. This is personal viewpoint of the writer.

Writing – The Thankless Job of Addressing Faceless Audience

pawan kumar jha writer

Famous and widely acclaimed American novelist, Stephen King said somewhere in his public interaction with fans, that his wife was the real and only audience he wrote a novel in the memory of.

For a writer like me, it came as a surprise to learn how come a world famous novelist not attributing his millions of fans to his books’ roaring success, and instead, he gave credit to the single individual for his worldwide success?

Well, I might be wrong in my way of analyzing his statement, as I believe, writing is largely associated with the writer’s personal creativity and his novelty of letting out ideas. Also, there is always a source the writer obtains inspiration from, as happens in the case of Stephen.

However, after learning the account of the novelist, I came across with a new-born and somewhat an innovative idea, something that prompted me to have a second-thought on my writing and the style I use to represent my thoughts/viewpoints.

I just concentrated my focus onto one thing after much contemplativeness – audience!

Yes, my writing was sorely affected with the mania of addressing all the audiences worldwide regardless of the fact that I had preached several times in many of my articles/blogs against not inviting the obsession with all the readers. However, when I wrote something, I just couldn’t comprehend the perfunctory whimsicality of addressing all the audiences. I was virtually falling in the trap of “I can please everyone” sort of delusional belief.

After Stephen King, another statement from an equally renowned, world-famed writer, William Zinsser, turned out to be an outlook-changer, especially in the perspective of how I handled my writing in the foolish or possibly wishful (figment of) imagination, that “Every reader worldwide is reading my stuff” – and which afforded unenthusiastic response and poor visibility of my blogs/articles.

Mr. Zinsser, in his book, On Writing Well, said,

“Don’t try to visualize the great mass audience. There is no such audience—every reader is a different person.”

Whoa! Wondrous, isn’t?

Writing is supposed to be a channel of externalizing your thoughts/ideas in a standard fashion of your gifted creativity, lest the very creativity should be degenerated into an abject eccentricity of your artistic expressions.

When writing of such style becomes an ingrained and habituated second-nature of a writer, the acquired taste to misrepresent facts is bound to occur, eventually. That said, the writer attains the mentality of “Appeasement policy” where he/she subconsciously places every audience (faceless audiences) in his mind as the reader of his/her stuff.

In that stage of mindset, the writer blithely escorts the idea of ‘audience-pleaser’.

It is not bad to keep your audience happy until you mean it otherwise. Being fixated with the mindset of appeasing everyone denotes the (incurable) mentality of enslaving yourself to their happiness.


In India, while certain section of readers loves the writing of Chetan Bhagat, the other sections abhor it based on their comparison with other favorite writers of theirs.

However, does Chetan give a damn to the haters?

I guess, not. He’s perhaps well aware of his REAL audiences.

And, if Chetan or any writer who rents this futile comparison a space in their head, then I am afraid, the writer will soon lose his own creativity, the natural flair to EXPRESS ideas.

Your creativity shouldn’t be compromised on the ethos advocating appeasement of all readers. True, that no writer can survive without certain section of fan-readers, those audiences who wait for your next release and who do not hesitate buying your new book at any cost. But at the same time, it is not befitting of any writer to have the obsession with keeping every reader happy.


Paying heed to every audience under the false assumption that they will surely love your write-up is a thought you need to put that out of your mind. It is unrewarding. It is thankless attempt of yours.

For example, do you believe your expertise in writing articles about healthcare can benefit those readers who are interested in reading something about latest technologies?

Do you think your article that shares generous amount of information about gardening tips can be of helpful anyway for those who favor deforestation of every plant on the earth?

Or, can your support about existence of God convince the mindset of atheists or profane who do not like their anti-God beliefs being challenged?

You need to ponder on these questions. It will help you understand that the world is fraught with people having different viewpoints based on their tastes, religions and casts. In short, addressing all the audiences is a thankless job. Just have your own unique creativity. Do not sound like the zerox copy of someone else. Quit the habit of pleasing everyone.

It is best to have few, real audiences and be happy with your niche, than trying to please everyone and suffer from the consequence of poor creativity, whimsical representation of ideas, and then being a writer having no loyal audience.

If you loved the blog and have something different on your mind, do not hesitate to share your viewpoints!