Bajarangi Bhaijan Is Lost In Lousy Translation Of Endorsing ‘Wishful’ Indo-Pak Bilateral Bonhomie

Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie review

Bajarangi Bhaijan would have been a real cinematic delight had it not zoomed into the mainstream sluggishness of the plot, something delineating its temperamental whimsicality of turning into the fated mediocrity.

Against the buffoonery of those reviewers supporting Bajarangi Bhajan blithely, I sort f feel disagreed, displeased & turned off!

What impression left rested in my mind after watching Bajarangi Bhaijan was the insipidity of movie’s plot creeping into an anticipated climax –

a mob of frenzied civilians of neighbouring country thronged at the barbed gate of Indo-Pak cross border, their jovial faces acknowledging philanthropic-cum-benevolent act of Salman aka Pawan Chaturvedi, the return of the voice of the speech-impaired kid AND the implied message of bilateral bonhomie among civilians of both the nations!

(I believe that scene which figuratively implies the message of Indo-Pak bilateral conviviality sums up its essence unless not judged otherwise).

That’s all of it the movie you’ll get after watching. I even fail to comprehend the inflated glorification for the movie sung in blithe obsession with the actor by media all over the web.

On what purpose Salman Khan did this movie is beyond my ken, but as being one of the diehard fans, I just feel surprised. Honestly. If you think Sallu bhai has taken a great risk of doing something out of the established Bollywood trend, that would be hard to argue with.

The Plot that surprises you sometimes before you realize it’s typical Bolly-storyline

A mother of a speech-impaired kid Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) of Pakistan origin lands in Indian capital city, Delhi to seek divine blessing at Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s dargah to cure her daughter’s speech-impairment disorder. One her back to Pakistan in a train, she finds her daughter being lost in India. This scene is the literal personification of someone stranded on an strange island.

Very soon the lost girl meets Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi in Kurukshetra. A staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, Pawan is barely given to the temperament of lying or falling in romance with any girl until he bumps into Rasika (Kareena Kapoor). Rasika’s father happens to be the close-knit family of Pawan’s father. Thus, he stays with her family along with the muted girl (name changed, Munnni). Finally, Pawan discovers Munni’s nationality, vows himself to send her back to her country, and in that, he consults an agency that does this sort of kabutarbazi (human trafficking)… oblivious to Pawan.

However, Pawan finally takes this task on his shoulder, lands in Pakistan surreptitiously. After a lot of twists and turns that follows, which also involves Sallu bhai caught in the line of fire during vehicular pursuit by Pakistani cops under typical cinematic accusation – Indian spy! (I just wonder why Pakistani cops are so madly obsessed with Indians in movies) – the girl meets with her mother, prompting a chain reaction of emotive familial reunion.

The best part of Bajarangi Bhaijan

I barely recollect anything that would jog my memory. So, nothing in my opinion could be described as best, EXCEPT the message of bhaichara between two nations.

If judged from cinematic depiction, the figurative endorsement of bilateral rapprochement between two nations is not impressive. However, if judged out of pure conscience, then it is definitely worth-appreciating effort of the director, Kabir Khan to have exerted an effort to present the “wishful” mutual bonhomie between the civilians of India and Pakistan.

But the cinematic representation of the same attenuates this spirit of brotherhood, appears like a passable replica of Gadar – Ek Prem Katha. Wait – don’t forget the sweet-faced adorable kid and her charming way of calling Salman “MAMA”.

She’s the best part of the movie, Salman included.

The worst part of Bajarangi Bhaijan

Action choreography, in my personal standpoint, doesn’t induce the formidability of Salman I had anticipated. Worse, what I had to witness was some nefarious, amateur choreography – the tearful and enraged Sallu Bhai, beaten up goons crashing headlong on the floor in oblivion to movie watchers how Salman bhai flanged those ruffians out of the windows.

The presentation of storyline seems a funny outcome of the whimsical gossips of some school girls 🙂

Why should you watch Bajarangi Bhaijan?

I can’t advise follow this unless you happen to be the hardcore and diehard fan of Salman and  never miss his new release regardless of the staleness and boredom of the storyline.

Why shouldn’t you watch this movie?

If your temper is short-lived towards stale movie storyline, senseless fights and meaningless songs coupled with awful dance choreography!

Key turn-offs!

At last, you are not supposed to trust my words, for what I have said is the account of my own experiential insight about the movie, a personal viewpoint, not the substantiated judgement of honourable court. Therefore, do not base your opinion on my words. Just watch yourself first and then deduce whether I stand corrected or not.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Note: This Bajarangi Bhaijan movie review is the account of my own experience after watching the same. Hence, opinions expressed here may not concede to many readers. This is personal viewpoint of the writer.


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