Month: August 2015

The Independence Day And Some Sweet Memories

It was the time of nearly 9.12 AM in the morning today (15.08.2015). I was lost in my thought, contemplating something important. Suddenly, I was awaken from my reverie! I heard shouts being raised in high-pitched voice from the street two floors down my home. It seemed like coming from the mouth of children caught up in a childish brawl over something.  Driven to curiosity, I leaned from the window of my flat, and what I saw was the spectacular sight of large procession of school kids.

They were passing through the street alley below in the gait typifying the streams of a calm river. The kids queued up in a large procession were carrying tricoloured flags and were singing national anthem and patriotic songs “Sare jaha se acha Hindustan hamara, Vande Mataram” in melodious unison.

The kids clad in traditional attire were holding national flag with one hand while other hand formed as a clinched fist raised in the air supporting their chorused slogan “BharatMata ki Jai”. It was like witnessing the confluence of our motherland’s secularism and solidarity coming together without any perceptible sign of insularity and casteism.

It was really a wonderful sight to witness.

The Independence Day of our beloved nation is most definitely one of the greatest and beautiful occasions. We witness secularism getting translated into tangible appearance this day. Secularism is also the keynote and deeply ingrained theme of this world’s largest democratic nation.

Glad to see how strong we become when we stand united. I felt so happy to notice that we are so much together regardless of differences that we have on certain things. That’s the beauty of our Independence Day!

I wish I had joined the procession to lend my voice for the support of the slogans raised in commemoration of those brave martyrs who left the legacy of solidarity, that most of us sometimes do not appreciate the privilege of. Observing the procession helped me realize that there are certain occasions when our vast society stands together and pay tribute to the motherland and pledge to its security and safety of sovereignty.

Watching the kids in action was also emotive reminiscent of my own school days. It jogged my memory back the days when we held the similar kind of procession, though we foot-marched long miles, almost covering geographies of two villages before our march ended up in the school. We watched our headmaster and teachers delivering speeches extolling patriotism after hoisting the national flag.

We raised slogans “Adhe roti khayenge, bharat ko bachayenge” “Vande Mataram” and “Jai Hind” in those days. Some of us were mischievous lots, tickled the guys in vanguard for a kind of childish perverse pleasure.

Yes, we got candies, too, from our school headmaster 🙂

Those were really great moments of my life. Wish I had lived them again!

In the fervour of celebrating independence, we perhaps don’t heed to its underlying meaning or the ulterior motive. My standpoint is, the true sense of independence lies in the spirit of togetherness, and articulating solidarity. In fact, independence is not limited to the precinct of liberty of speech or freedom of expression as defined in the books of our parliament.

It is beyond that precinct.

True independence teaches us the wisdom of promoting peace. It instructs how powerful we become when we stand together. It takes us peaceward. It helps us realize that there is no virtue in living illiterate. Freedom from poverty and illiteracy are defined principles of Independence. Beyond its teaching love and peace among citizens inside a country, it promotes worldwide peace as well.

I believe, the day we stand together and voice our support for the humanity, global peace and solidarity, we will celebrate true Independence. That will be a real Freedom in its entirety. Independence, after all, is not the privilege granted to the exclusive fews.

Jai Hind! Happy Independence Day!