Month: September 2015

The Discretionary Attitude – My Subjective Analysis

pawan kumar jha writer

From cradle to the grave, a man’s life remains subjugated to various terms and conditions.

Thus, the experiential insight he earns from life’s trial and tribulations leave an ingrained impression of discretionary attitude.

Notably,it is non-flexible cognitive perception (delusion, if said rather pejoratively).

Science calls it “Childhood Neurosis”.

Means, the things taught in early days versus their reality experienced later in adulthood conflict the inculcation of infancy.

What I perceive now is the reflection of my discretionary attitude. I may have earned it, either through living the life’s countless moments, or the perception could be an immediate impact of a very stronger incident, message or anything powerful, or supernatural. While the latter is an experience of happenstance encounter, the previous one is derivative of childhood neurosis.

No, the meaning is not related to mental disease.

In fact, childhood neurosis is psychological belief inculcated during infancy.

Thus, those saying you can’t change forget to look inside your history of paths you’d marched on.

Men’s reactionary attitude is mostly reflection of his experiential perceptions.

You, as a case in point, try to convince me  against divinity, and I would feel returning you volley of pre-emptive negations.


I was inculcated in childhood about the divinity being gracious, all merciful and omnipotent. Therefore, listening anything against divine being would be tantamount to embroiling thyself into blasphemy. Even today, despite being unable to substantiate divine existence, a part of my personality adores, respects the unseen God.

Men’s discretionary attitude is selfish, ego-drive, prejudiced and self-opinionated, depending upon the gravity/severity of their mindset.

You know what – we are inadvertently ditching out a very essential personality etiquette – listening.

It is being replaced with (hypersensitive) retort. Communication gap is widening just because the discretionary attitude pushes the gap wider.

Nobody says “I stand corrected, sorry!”

The discretionary attitude is baneful depending on its application in circumstances. Being rigid in certain conditions makes you falsely believe that you are doing a great job versus you should have maintained flexibility that would have changed the conditions into rather positively, and to your advantage.

This sort of hindsight observance is reflection of your discretionary attitude.

It affords disadvantageous result, considering people are outcome of their discretionary thoughts/mindset.

Ever thought – Why would someone follow your ‘morning walk’ advice if he hates the dews or waking up early in the morning?

The discretionary attitude is upshot of one’s subjective experience. Me being blindly subjugated to my own chauvinism explains my individuality as a self-serving, inflexible and self-opinionated person. Someone with discretionary attitude issue.

That said, I have literally enslaved myself to the shadowy confinement of my cognitive intelligence clouded by the delusion of grandeur.

Discretionary attitude could be baleful or blissful depending on the nature of your thoughts impregnated in your subconscious mind.

You are actually physical manifestation of your intangible thoughts resting in subconscious mind.

Therefore, translating bad discretionary attitude into a constructive one is a process requiring a determined effort of nourishing positive thoughts in the subconscious mind. In fact, the irrational mind (subconscious mind) is the incubator of your cognitive thought, constructive or destructive.

Understandably, this part of mind must be nourished with constructive thoughts to finally generate positive discretionary attitude.

Simply, we are the product of our own thoughts.

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