Why Creative Writers Are Lonesome?

pawan kumar jha writer

Writing is a writer’s creative expression. A good writer never grants plagiarism considering it is the most anathematic aspect of writing. Moreover, the writer is well-acquainted with the fact that creative writing involves considerable thinking, contemplation on diverse but unique ideas, and how to integrate and translate those ideas into an informative, readable and graspable content, so that readers get the benefit of knowledge and an improved understanding on a subject.

These things, if spoken otherwise, demand intense concentration and focus, which literally are the efficiency sweet spots for a writer.

Concentration, for example, factors determinedly an improved creativity level in the artwork of a writer. Technically speaking, a mind devoid of outward commotion or clamorous environment is bound to yield best work, as the writer finds in his serene aura the rhythm suitable for his creative disposition. Coziness is another reward that comes from serene environ.

It helps writer craft his work uniquely.

Don’t you think that these essentials for creative writing can’t be acquired if a writer remains exposed to outward circumstances?

What I mean to say, the creative writers are lonesome who appreciate their forte and who staunchly believe that there is nothing which can better afford for their creative expressions the required support than a peaceful environ. And this peaceful environ is the dwelling place for deep concentration and focus for the creative writers.

Here, lonesome is just rhetorical reference. It doesn’t mean to cast negative impression on the ability of a creative writer.

Another reason why creative writers are lonesome refers to the fact that creative writing requires inspiration. And this inspiration is achievable if the writer avoids getting assimilated with external circumstances, and should seek a rather pleasant and clamour-free den or certain (clandestine) source (sanctuary) to derive the needed inspiration. This further leads to improvement in the writer’s creative work.

From the way I present my viewpoints, it may sound like I am trying to advocate the maxim, that a creative writer is habitually a brooding introvert and therefore, his introversion is the best and safest place where his creativity blooms.

If you think so, then I find no room for argumentation at this point, for even though I don’t mean to denote this maxim, I, however, do believe that most creative writers are introvert and their creativity dwells in their deep-seated introversion.

From psychological standpoint, most writers lay siege around their creative aura (intimate zone), blocking external vibes (which are of destructive types for creative work) from gaining entry to their creative territory.

Application of this rather esoteric method later creates for the writer the much-needed opportunity to boost his productivity.

Some, in this context, may argue that music is another creative-enhancing factor for a writer. If you ask me, I can’t approve to this belief. Creativity is intangible and flow of anything into its direction towards a writer’s productivity can cordon off its course or likely to create diversion. This I call in other words, distraction.

‘There is always a room for improvement – it is the thought that whirls in the mind of a creative writer oftentimes. In fact, he is obsessed with the idea of improvement in his creative niche. Therefore, elite writers are often those bookworms who prefer studying alone. Their academic study is of serious nature, too. Their study involves curating areas that need improvement; they upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep abreast with the world, and they pedantically observe their work-progress and fine tune it, if need be.

Practice is always an inseparable part seated deeply in the DNA of creative writers. They perfect themselves through practice and they work their fingers to bone to hone their creative skills.

Thus, if you conjure up the idea of creative writer as being someone lonesome, then make no doubt that most of them really embrace solitude and develop their creative niche. For the world outside, it may seem eccentric, but for them, this is an established truth of their life.

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