Vocabulary Is The Survival Factor Of Writing

water on mars

It was NASA’s amazing science-breakthrough, when this USA-run agency responsible for civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research, discovered the sign of water on the planet, Mars.

Apparently, it unearthed to the awe-struck Earthlings one of the (as of yet unsubstantiated) supernatural wonders in the history of extraterrestrial trek piloted by the science and technology.

The unprecedented discovery of the Martian water, on the one hand, softened the severity of the hypothesis held by some and that contradicted a rather hopeful belief held by the science about the (vestigial, though) existence of water on another planet, it, on the other hand, re-inspired or vivified the same belief, signalling the likelihood of human life on another planet just like Earth’s.

Right from the beginning, when the ‘Water on Mars’ discovery received global spotlight, all the discussions, debates, in-favor and counter arguments,  and how the breakthrough was perceived as science’s greatest extraterrestrial achievement, were interestingly revolving around the significance of core subject – WATER!

We know that science views water as the most potential ingredient supporting survival of human race on any planet. And this is a truth already proven, scientifically. Therefore, conclusion that discovery of water on the Mars foretells semblance (possibility) of Maritain life crept up in the mind of scientists. It conclusively brings us to this naked reality, that water is the most important survival factor of the entire mankind and creatures. Obviously, water holds considerable importance.

Now come to the main point which I’ve been evading until now…

Just as water is the key survival factor for all the creatures and human species on the Earth, vocabulary, in similar context, is one of the vital aspects for your writing.

To be more precise, it is the survival factor of writing.

Well, I am not gonna elaborate or rather write a comprehensible dissertation focusing on this ‘vocabulary is the survival factor of your writing’ theme-story. The reason, I don’t think my subjective comprehension (about importance of vocabulary in writing) will concede to the discretion of everyone, or rather yield unanimous consent from almost all the (more erudite, well-read and intellectual than me) readers. Of course it is my belief that is subjective and opinionated.

Yet, subjectively, I perceive vocabulary to be the lifeblood of any writing, a rather survival factor, to say the least.

As a matter of fact- writing is a melody composed in rhythm pattern of alphabetically-worded phrases and sentences, in such a fashion reminiscent of the yummiest cookie made out of great recipe involving all the different ingredients put together in a wise culinary fashion.

Get the drift.


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