Close Range Reiterates Scott Adkins As A Complete Fighter

close range scott adkins

When Scott Adkins (aka Boyka) emphatically asserted – I am the most complete fighter in the world – perhaps none doubted on it as cinematic exaggeration of the English actor. May be for some it was, but fans like me, he does hold that kind of acknowledgement. I don’t mean comparing him with other super-action stars, but Scott is absolutely and terrifically unique and adorable…just the way he is.

Fans worldwide always adore him to be one of the lethal fighters, and I, for one, am big fan of his agility, robust physique and somersault…though story-wise, most of his movies do not mean to be a real entertainer. I especially do not like his cameo roles and getting himself beaten up or worse killed by someone relatively amateur and physically less agile than Scott’s.

Close Range, I must say, is by far the BEST movie of Scott Adkins in terms of fight choreography. His deadly combat with goons in the elevator, cops in the jungle and bad guys….all over the movie, there is this breathtaking  fight choreography, appearing like the brute force of cinematic duel – one man versus all! …..STUNNING..!!

Close Range takes action-movie lovers to an ultimate level of cinematic delight, which to my mind, is very rare sight these days in Hollywood movies of action genre. But I still believe that Scott must be a bit selective in his movies, for most of them are nothing but senseless films, or something deliberately lay emphasize on street brawls.

Some movies that Scott did and which do not define the kind of cinematic image he holds for fans are –  El Gringo,  Re-kill,  and The Tournament. There are also some movies Scott appeared just in cameo. Well, if he’s doing these movies for money or for roles in movies, then I don’t think I should extend any bit of argumentation on that.

Still the bottom line is, Scott Adkins, no matter what movie he does or how shitty the movie is story-wise, he’s indeed awesome, lethal and brutal, and most importantly – looks just as naturally fine for its opponent as the lion for its preys.

Close Range did not disappoint me as usual, if action is taken into account.

CLOSE RANGE DEFINES NEW BORDERLINE IN ACTION-GENRE MOVIES..(sorry if I sound exaggerated, but that’s typical syndrome with fans, you know 🙂



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