In cognitive resonance with intelligence

cognitive intelligence

My cognitive resonance lies with the belief, that intelligence can also be developed through long-continued and dedicated academic pursuit. We must extend outright denial to the assumption laying the groundwork for this rather esoteric doctrine, advocating cognitive intelligence as autoimmune response of an advanced cerebral system, something typifying extraordinary ‘hereditary’ biological gifts (miracle).

I concede to this stereotypical precept, that intelligence honed/improved from the empirical insight of the erudite and learned while allowing oneself to tap on the resources available around, manifests cerebral improvement in relatively elevated scale.

Here, hereditary intelligence is of secondary importance. I concur, extraordinary compass of an elevated cognitive intelligence that most of us subjectively believe to be of childhood prodigy, is actually the reward of artificial way of practice through academic means supported by cutting-edge technology in an instructive environment.

These means factor perfect incubation of cognitive intelligence in kids, if you ask me.

For our posterity’s sake in terms of their better societal scenario than us, give today’s kids the quality education that is CREATIVE in its entirety. Give them the academic scenario conducive to their mind to stir creative thinking and devise unique solution to foster societal prosperity and worldwide peace.

Nothing’s as powerful as creative, quality education!

I’d disapprove to any doctrine escorting the belief that hereditary intelligence is the gift of divine, and therefore it can’t be acquired through otherwise academic pursuit in this materialistic world. Agreed, divine gift stands unquestionable, yet intelligence, in this context, can’t be victimised and confined to its own fate just because a doctrine asserts this otherwise.

Instead, the creative way must be sought to develop this in the mind of those kids with willingness to do more for their society and world. For sure, to evince better tomorrow, we must ensure betterment of today’s children. Creative education is their right that we must provide them. Also, we must forsake this doctrine towards cognitive intelligence as divine gift. Through right education in creative instructive environment, kids without the divine gift in their possession, can acquire the privilege of improved cognitive intelligence.


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