Month: February 2016

Never to naysayers


A life ensnared in the labyrinth of abysmal despondency actually originates from various contributory sources, and listening to naysayers is one damn potent reason!

You listened to your teachers for being wrong every time you delivered no satisfactory results in exams, you listened to your pretending parents’ highly opinionated preaches of ‘do this and not that’, you listened to gospels of your clerics to fear for god, you listened to your boss for not being out of the box thinkers!

And then this ‘newfangled’ version of you-ness – worn-down and crestfallen out of listening to the naysayers. Then why blame your today’s doleful life when you listened nothing fruitful to your yesterdays? It’s not someone else’s karma. You let it HAPPEN. You invited your misery; you in yourself have created world of despondency.

How can you expect someone’s constant companionship in overcoming your life’s ‘predetermined’ lone battle? Trusted partners, friends or kindred may escort up to certain destinations, then what? Deadend? No! There are further roads to cover, but it is you and you who are lone responsible to cover the rest of your life’s journey, or fight the battle.

Those with the ample power of positivism are often the winner of the odd circumstances, for their tremendously will-powered zeal refused to succumb to the pressing, challenging circumstances. Their thoughts are powerful, mighty enough to swim across the massive English Channel without hesitation!

Being winner of the odd circumstances is not the outcome carried out in jest. It’s the work of never-say-never genius. And such genius never listens to naysayers! They know naysayers are typical critiques, listening to them only define your personality as antithesis of what you are actually made of – zeal-driven for success! Naysayers never recognize your latent potentiality to attain success. They define you as they define themselves – loser!

Don’t you think a criticism of us about others is the confession of our own personality? Take it that way. Naysayers confess their personality to be negatively influenced fellows; therefore, their opinions of you are dismissive.

If Amitabh Bachchan had listened to naysayers’ calling his voice biggest deterrent to his success, he wouldn’t have been the star of millennium of the world today. In fact his photo that he sent to FilmfareMadhuri Contest to join films were turned down from the talent hunt. Did he listen to naysaying of his inner voice or voice of others?

His resounding and widespread success today is more than enough to say – he didn’t listen to naysayers!


Persistence Trumps Writing Skill


Content writing must always be construed as the process of life-long continuation, for persistence is the central mainframe of this creative expression model the howl of success actually comes from. That said, creative energy never boils down from working fulltime within the specified timeline as a writer, but it rather gradually improves your lexical knack, reinforcing every fabric of it into making you one step smarter, an earned distinction of your trade. I don’t advocate perfection neither I am supporter of writing as the undeniable means for sustenance, for either option poses to be something subjected to an individually determinable decision.

I talk about just perseverance as the core factor for writing to carve out a note of distinction, a rather practical experience of joie de vivre .Treat writing a dedicated practice norm, stretch each discrete organic cells of yours every time you indulge in the practice, for contumacy to the regular casual writing norm by over-working will eventually underscore your writing’s growing creativity. Yes, excellence is the result of continued and dedicated practice, and in writing, your attitude towards such dedicated practice norm must positively be loyal and conformist.

Note: The narrative represents my personal viewpoints, also an answer to a Question on Quora.


success quote

When we experience failure in life, there are few of us wise enough to pick up the good lessons from it, while the majority rest their attention on negative side effects of the failure, thinking what happened was the result of some bad lucks or something non-constructive that didn’t work out well.

There are also those blaming the failures out of no reason, for they think it transpired unreasonably.

So, conclusively there is no accounting for taste when it comes to defining or gauging failure, for every failed ones tend to lend their own experiential insight to churn out some meanings cosily conducive to their discretion. By doing so, some attain wise lessons from the failures, while some negatively gauge on the nemesis.

Does that mean there is something wrong with the failure? Does it happening in our life has anything to do with teaching us something worthwhile, or pestering us for no reason?

The problem is not with the failure, but it is when the failed one caves in and gives up on trying further, or mulling over some alternate courses that would possibly create success. Yes, failure teaches us good things in a harsh way, but most of us are so obsessively focused on the bad aspects of the failures, that we almost dont notice the unseen opportunities that the failure bears.

One may say optimistic persons carry the rationale to appreciate the caustic results of the failures, but it doesnt mean to say that everyone of us lacks that level of sagaciousness.

Of course we do have the rationale, but what is the use of having such thing when we barely exercise it at the right time?

Most importantly, what drives us not to appreciate failures?

The problem is also not recognising the opportunities, the problem is our aimless vision, the one crucial factor that singlehandedly ruins our future, for a purposeless life affords no constructive meaning in life, which is why when most of us fail, we fail to pick up the wise lessons the failure tries to give us. It’s like giving up on an almost dead bonfire thinking the fire no longer exists, but inside the rubble and piles of ashes, there is still tiny amber smouldering…good enough to lit up another bonfire!

That’s the problem, failure is not appreciated as we dont dig deeper to its underneath meaning, and it is mostly the result of our aimless vision in life. So long we live purposelessly, failure or success barely matters. As a matter of fact, when we get success, the world will call it stroke of fortunate accident, and when we get failure, the world will call it a poetic justice.

There is no success or failure for a life led by an aimless vision.