Persistence Trumps Writing Skill


Content writing must always be construed as the process of life-long continuation, for persistence is the central mainframe of this creative expression model the howl of success actually comes from. That said, creative energy never boils down from working fulltime within the specified timeline as a writer, but it rather gradually improves your lexical knack, reinforcing every fabric of it into making you one step smarter, an earned distinction of your trade. I don’t advocate perfection neither I am supporter of writing as the undeniable means for sustenance, for either option poses to be something subjected to an individually determinable decision.

I talk about just perseverance as the core factor for writing to carve out a note of distinction, a rather practical experience of joie de vivre .Treat writing a dedicated practice norm, stretch each discrete organic cells of yours every time you indulge in the practice, for contumacy to the regular casual writing norm by over-working will eventually underscore your writing’s growing creativity. Yes, excellence is the result of continued and dedicated practice, and in writing, your attitude towards such dedicated practice norm must positively be loyal and conformist.

Note: The narrative represents my personal viewpoints, also an answer to a Question on Quora.


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