Month: March 2016

Learning DITA technical writing

technical writingIn technical writing, which is sort of semantic method for creating quality content, encompassing UI development, product development, architectural documentation and software designing among others, DITA happens to be a writing approach based on the principle of an XML architecture.

What is DITA technical writing?

Technically speaking, DITA is incorporated to represent information in a way to lend credence on quality and efficiency of technical documentation. To be more precise, DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) approach involves designing, writing, managing, and publishing information of diversified nature, on the basis of XML architectural patterns.

Technical communicators are those who develop DITA or style-based authoring.

How to learn DITA technical writing?

DITA approach or style-based tech-writing involves some skills to represent information. They are:

Shorten up lengthy information into smaller version

Brevity is the core concept in DITA. You need to break down information into their smaller version. This is known as categorization of the information based on its (topical) types.

Give a LABEL specifying content accurately

Also known as metadata format of writing, writers need to label information accurately. The motive is to make technical documentation sound more flexible and credible.

Synchronize information with topics

A writer is supposed to ensure that the information with its topic stands in sync with, or they are not asymmetrical with regards to their intended relationship. An aberration in this context will most likely result in development of a non-flexible content.

According to linking in DITA practice, you need to concisely state information in accordance with the topics given. The importance of linking topics based on their association is because DITA relies heavily on links. It states content, defines the manner of DITA maps’ organization. The purpose of linking is also served with cross reference inputs, and content recycling.

No format is part of DITA

The style-based authoring doesn’t involve particular style or format, as formatting is not the job of an author in this sort of writing. Writer needs to have the concentrated focus on writing the content and not to give unwarranted notice on formatting.

In other words, do not think that content needs to be written in bold format, rather focus how to make the words stand-out.


Note – Idea of the blog is derivative of online resources, albeit devoid of simulation with the source files. The information is brief. For expansive definition of the term, please visit sources like Wiki and related ones. Thanks for reading.

Rocky Handsome – Passable imitation of The Man From Nowhere

rocky handsome the man from nowhere

One look at the movie and you will get what I meant by the title. Yes, Rocky Handsome is a passable imitation of South action thriller, The Man From Nowhere, directed by Lee Jeong-beom, and Won Bin as a lead actor. Except few changes in the plot, Rocky Handsome continues to bear stark resemblance with the Korean blockbuster.


Confined to his self-enforced introversion, Kabir Ahlawat (John Abraham), as destiny had it, comes across with next-door kid, Nayomi (Diya Chalwad) who frequents Kabir’s pawn shop. This kid calls Kabir handsome and sometimes doubts if he is criminal, and that the pawn shop is his hideout from law’s eyes. This kid is the daughter of Anna who works in consortium with drug cartel lords, Kevin and Luke Ferreira. Anna steals a packet of heroine from a member of the drug lord and remains elusive until gets beleaguered by the goons of the drug lords. She is tortured under the witness of Nayomi but she doesn’t divulge anything. A forced abduction of both Nayomi and his mother takes place. In the meantime, three gangsters barge into Kabir’s pawn shop to retrieve the stolen heroine. Kabir kills one of the goons during (unseen) fight. His physical reflexivity barely goes unnoticed by the gangster, Atilla (Kazu Patrick Tang).  With the abduction of Nayomi, Kabir makes mission of his life to retrieve the kid from the clutch of drug lords and finally accomplishes his mission. In the meantime, there follows some deadly martial-art combats with the goons and Tang with John, which, I must say, is the watchability factor of the movie.

Rocky Handsome: Resemblances with The Man From Nowhere (in picture)






pic 5

How handsome is Rocky Handsome?

Even with resemblance from the Korean blockbuster, Rocky Handsome doesn’t mean to be altogether awful. If you spare the cinematic imitation, if you ignore ludicrous lovemaking scenes between John and Shruti (I really found no solid ground for their presence in the movie), and if you are die-hard fan of John and want to see him in real bone-crunching and gravity defying action in same replica of Force, then this movie is your treat.

What makes Rocky Handsome weird?

As told, I really found no solid grounds for the presence of Shruti and John’s lovemaking, especially how does it correlate with Kabir’s rescuing the girl? John lacks flawlessness in his acting, even though he has done decent action works.

What is the USP of Rocky Handsome?

Martial art choreography is, according to me, the USP or better say, watchabilty factor. The hand to hand combat between John and Tang and the way they fight with knives and use foot-works coupled with grappling and throwing is undoubtedly reminder of Pencak Silat. Fight choreography of such brute force (if you remember) was heavily used in Indonesian blockbuster, The Raid 2: Brandal.

Should you watch Rocky Handsome?

I recommend this movie as one time watchable. It will not make you feel bored. But if you are die-hard fan of the Korean masterpiece and hate its cinematic adoption in Bollywood version of such nugatory scale, then don’t go; you may get a nearly intractable irritation due to ‘what a crap-loaded garbage is this’ thought.

How is John as an actor?

I find John’s acting average in Rocky Handsome. However, he has certainly done pretty much great works on action and has brought it on the front-line of the movie. After Force, it was a deadpan delight to see him engaged in deadly duels.

Some tips before you watch Rocky Handsome:

  • If you have already watched The Man From Nowhere, forget you’ve watched it. Because you will not get the delight of watching Rocky Handsome if your mind is obsessed with the Korean film.
  • Do not be nitpicker. If you watch the movie from critical standpoint, you will not love it.
  • This movie is good treat for diehard fan of John, and those who are fan of his towering personality.

My personal note –

Kazu is a familiar face for me, as I have watched his Raging Phonix opposite Thailand sensation, JeeJa Yamin. He had cameo roles in many movies, including Bangkok Knockout.

At last, Rocky Handsome is neither good nor bad movie. Acton is good, which will hold your attention, though lousy storyline is a bit turn-off.

Single step at a time concludes writing

When Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first people to have reached at the summit of the Mt. Everest, the unprecedented victory erupted into a global spotlight for the duos, making them a household name worldwide.

Keeping aside the universal howl of praises for the extraordinary trek on the elusive summit of the Everest, I think both the mountaineers earned the triumph because of their go-getting and undying zeal.

What is notable from the achievement is, they STARTED first before becoming the victorious of their daring initiative.

Will you dare think they flew up on the summit or their achievement was an accident? No, I guess you will disapprove to such silly thought. Factually, their victory was written in every step-by-step trek they’d taken at the initiation of mountaineering.

That said, you need to take step by step process and don’t worry what sort of mistake you’d come across during the course of writing. Mistakes are respondent to our deed, triggering the warning signs that there are something which need to be fixed, rather than whimper on them like a loser.

The quote – slow and steady wins the race – may sound redundant, but I think this adage still holds its relevancy in the modern context, and it is a loud reminiscent of the mountaineering trek of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

When I decided to go for writing, I became the confused victim of choosing one conclusive decision from the labyrinth of options, suggestions and pieces of advice pouring from various intelligent minds and from diverse online sources. I studied every of them, but ‘first start writing’ narrowed down my choice and I decisively stayed firm on that. When I started first, it was not just grabbing a pen and a copy and writing things aimlessly.

As a matter of fact, I did start to write, but tried to learn from the mistakes and what essentials did I need to learn to make my writing good. The catch is, if I hadn’t started first and kept on reading countless pieces of advice, I would have been the same confused individual undecided where to start from.

If you start to write, only then you will learn your necessities.

This pictorial quote concludes my standpoint on writing: