Single step at a time concludes writing

When Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first people to have reached at the summit of the Mt. Everest, the unprecedented victory erupted into a global spotlight for the duos, making them a household name worldwide.

Keeping aside the universal howl of praises for the extraordinary trek on the elusive summit of the Everest, I think both the mountaineers earned the triumph because of their go-getting and undying zeal.

What is notable from the achievement is, they STARTED first before becoming the victorious of their daring initiative.

Will you dare think they flew up on the summit or their achievement was an accident? No, I guess you will disapprove to such silly thought. Factually, their victory was written in every step-by-step trek they’d taken at the initiation of mountaineering.

That said, you need to take step by step process and don’t worry what sort of mistake you’d come across during the course of writing. Mistakes are respondent to our deed, triggering the warning signs that there are something which need to be fixed, rather than whimper on them like a loser.

The quote – slow and steady wins the race – may sound redundant, but I think this adage still holds its relevancy in the modern context, and it is a loud reminiscent of the mountaineering trek of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

When I decided to go for writing, I became the confused victim of choosing one conclusive decision from the labyrinth of options, suggestions and pieces of advice pouring from various intelligent minds and from diverse online sources. I studied every of them, but ‘first start writing’ narrowed down my choice and I decisively stayed firm on that. When I started first, it was not just grabbing a pen and a copy and writing things aimlessly.

As a matter of fact, I did start to write, but tried to learn from the mistakes and what essentials did I need to learn to make my writing good. The catch is, if I hadn’t started first and kept on reading countless pieces of advice, I would have been the same confused individual undecided where to start from.

If you start to write, only then you will learn your necessities.

This pictorial quote concludes my standpoint on writing:



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