Arnav-Modi Interview – Frankly Telegenic


I had the privilege of reading excerpts of the Arnav-Modi interview in an English daily newspaper. Believe me, I read the texted or printed version of the interview without looking sideways or without resting the gaze of my eyesight on elsewhere because of the gravity of wisdom and sheer candidness reflected by our PM in the interview. In every text I found that our PM minced no words in praising as well as denouncing people in particular.

So to say, people deserving snub for their useless comments on Raghuram Rajan (of course he implied the pejorative comment made by Subramanian Swamy on Rajan recently) and went on saying candidly that Rajan is as patriotic as any Indian.

More so, our PM made the emphasize on various issues, including black money, indo-pak relationship and the much-hyped incident involving China’s attempt for blocking India’s access to attain memembership in NSG.

What I found terrific and impressive in his point of views while discussing the issue was that shri Modi talked on the issues without resorting to vile criticism to anyone and never said that the achievement of his government was the sole work of his aptitude, tactfulness and intelligence but rather made the statement that it was all the TEAM WORK.

Well, may be modi-haters will still not like to come out of the clutch of their ‘modi is wrong’ obsession even after reading the texts of his interview, but I, for one, concur that he is by far the most powerful leader endowed with insurmountable guts and endless wisdom necessary to solve the plight of our country, a legacy left by erstwhile governments with its ripple effects that our beloved nation is still reeling under to a certain degree.

I extend respect wholeheartedly to every leader who talks the talks of development, growth and betterment of civilians’ life rather than censoring others just to serve their vested interest for some godforsaken purpose. I intend to believe they are just demagogues focusing the lowest common denominator and they believe that by arousing suspicion in the heart of gullible people about the government would help such rebellious malcontents foster an image of ‘caring’ individuals in the mind of exorable civilians.

But still such an act never gives an empty answer and on the contrary it serves nothing but damages the reputation of our motherland by peddling wrong impressions about home situations of the nation. Modi was right when he said international leaders will be disillusioned if they are to understand Modi through media’s peddled impressions about him.

And there is no doubt there are still media sources and people who seem to have refused to give in making wrong impression about the PM by splitting hairs off his even light remark made in jest. I think our country will be back on development path more enthusiastically through collective works of every leader and when every citizen understands the virtue of unity. Without the selfless and unconditional contribution of every citizen and leader, the much sought-after and coveted progress of our beloved nation will remain just as a pipe dream.

Mr Modi alone can’t do anything until support from every leader and civilian is contributed to a good cause. Whatever I read in the interview texts of our PM left with the impression that he implied collective supports our every Indian towards betterment of India, thereby underscoring substance and values of the interview to a larger extent. It instills the hope that we can make our nation greater and there is no denying in it.

Jai Hindi.


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