What should you do when you start having doubts about yourself


Most of us in respective circumstances self-doubt to the point of having our rationality and confidence hamstrung, thereby making us unable to second-view our own latent potentiality of dealing with life’s problems or oddity of circumstances at present.

As a matter of fact, self-doubting is the self-limiting thought of skeptical and hardbitten individuals. These people inadvertently pronounce their dominance over the mindset heavily influenced by the thoughts of cynicism, paranoia and pessimism. These thoughts collectively constitute negative perspective of life in the mind of people.

Yes, self-doubting is a thankless act of self-deprecating your values, which is symbolic of an extremely dangerous contributor behind dampening your confidence, rationality and wittiness essential for engineering a positive and broad perspective about life.

Here are some constructive exercises you can follow to battle bravely against self-doubting yourself.

Seize the urge of committing comparison with others

The phenomenal success that world’s most successful batsman Sachin Tendulkar has achieved through hard works and unwavering commitment to his sports can never be imitated by anyone under high heaven.

That said, the success of a person today is the result of his yesterday’s hard work and his undergoing severity of life’s odds and championing them before clutching the victory under his firm grip.

Such accomplishments may be emulated by you but imitation of the same is foolhardy, considering your comparison with successful persons is a downright effrontery of your own ‘gifted’ talents blessed by divine being.

Do not grade your life with the success of others. Never compare yourself with others.

What people think of you is their problem, not yours

To hell with those trying to belittle your achievement or driving your personality into howl of mockery just because you are true to yourself and your life. Welcoming self-opinionated rhetoric of others into your life will be counterproductive to yours making noble attempt to succeed in life.

People are born with the propensity of criticizing and in most of them, the nature of censoring is just a second-habit. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk failure in life, do not give fodder to the criticism coming from the mouth of naysayers.

Remember, someone’s opinion about you is not your reality until you prove them right.

A life at random affords embarrassment and misery

Perhaps everyone is familiar with the story of “First successful ascent by Tenzing and Hillary” on the Mount Everest. Even I admire their ‘indomitable’ willpower and enthusiasm by which they transpired an unprecedented trek to Nepal’s Sagarmatha, much to the wonderment of the world!

But just think for a while – if the duo had not premeditated Everest-mountaineering in the first place and had some preparatory stuffs readymade beforehand, would have materialized their ascension to the summit of Sagarmatha?

So to say, their purpose was well-planned in advance. They knew the purpose of mountain climbing and were prepared for any eventualit. That’s the reason, I assume, they emerged as the triumphant of their circumstances. They were the captain of their souls.

Most of us blame (this is universal fact) our circumstances as attributive to our current plight without shifting our focus to the shortcomings – laziness, procrastination, timidity and lack of purpose for life.

Most of us are reeling under the sheer burden of these shortcomings but lack the willpower to dispell them away because of our unwanted “affinity” with them. The fact is, so long we cling to our comfort zone until the advent of hardship in life; we never know the danger of living a life purposelessly.

Decide purpose of your life.

Count on your merits/talents

My perspective about life is nobody is devoid of merit of some kinds. But few people possess the ability or power to recognize the concealed merit of theirs. Note down number of merits you think you have in you on a piece of paper. Make a list of them only to realize how fortunate you are having been gifted with these talents!

But you have to trust your merits. You have to make yourself believe that you are really talented and by the virtue of qualities you are endowed with, you will achieve success of dimensional measure. Keep on with this positive-thought-filling practice and see what positive and confidence effects it brings to you.

Believe in God

May be not a welcome suggestion for the agnostic or those holding contrary belief about divinity, but my perspective says if you believe in God with every action of yours and appoint HIM the witness of your sorrow and happiness in every walk of your life, you will experience positivity in your life. That is surely an abstract wisdom but just believe what I am saying. It will work eventually.

But this recommendation will not work if you skeptically believe in divine being, for that is not how divinity works in its entirety. I am not suggesting make a constant presence at shrines and offer obligations to Gods there, but have a GENUINE TRUST in God and believe that HE is leading you to your destined path, unharmed.

Lastly, you feel downcast in life when you accept yourself to be a defeated person. That is the start of ending your life. Nobody stands defeated until he accepts he’s been defeated. Read the following wise quote for more understanding –


That’s it. Share your viewpoints about life and what do you think one should follow to have a new and positive outlook on their life. I believe anything that happens to our life teaches us one way or other. In the meantime, it is our attitude towards life that defines its existence, positively or negatively, based on our thinking. The way we react to life is the way life reacts to us.






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