If Robert fathered Jon Snow, why does he take after Eddard? Demystifying Game of Throne


Remember the scene of bed-confined Lyanna pleading Ned Stark not to tell Robert Baratheon about the new-born child?

After watching Lyanna whispering into Ned Stark about the infant, imploring him to maintain anonymity of rather ‘surprising revelation’ (for Ned, of course) and share it with none, including specifically Robert Baratheon, I was surprised by the secret unfolding. Most importantly, what flummoxed me most was the scene when the child’s face slowly reappears with that of Jon Snow.

The point is, has Robert fathered Jon?

We know both Ned and Robert loved Lyanna very much, and Robert was emotionally pissed off at Ned for having her buried in the crypt of Winterfell.

To Robert –

“She should be on a hill somewhere, under a fruit tree, with the sun and clouds above her and the rain to wash her clean”.

It shows Robert’s deep-seated love for Lyanna, oblivious to him that he inadvertently impregnated her with a son (I am just extrapolating).

I raised the similar question on Facebook in the fan page of GoT, to which my post was responded by people. The respondents said it was highly unlikely that Robert might have fathered Jon Snow, considering he was born a year and a half after Lyanna was kidnapped by Rhaeger. Another respondent said Robert would’ve killed the child if Ned didn’t proclaim him his bastard child.

Well, my point is, Lyanna was betrothed to Robert. Kidnapping doesnt afford the implication that she carried Rhaeher’s child. If we go by that assumption, we sort of conjure up the picture of the scene wherein Rhaecher may have forced himself on Lynna and she, as a result of that forced sexual intercourse, born the child, Jon.

Frankly, I hate arriving at this conclusion, because it seems out of the context, even though some may lay claim that it is logical, on prima facie.


First thing, since Lyanna was betrothed to Robert, I am sure they may have got laid one or two times, or may be more than that. So, the impregnation should be seen as a natural occurrence, regardless of whether Robert was unaware of it.

But the most puzzling thing is, Jon looks very much like Eddard Stark (read the book) and this is where my logic falls apart. Wife of Ned, Catelyn Stark,loathed Jon considering his close resemblance with Ned.

And here is the conundrum of all the riddles – if Ned may have fathered Jon, then in whose belly?

I guess, that secret remains to be unfolded, and when it will be revealed, that will be sort of earth-shattering reality. This is because, I sort of feel sympathetic about Jon and do not take lightly when he is called ‘Bastard”, a stigma he’s been silently bearing since the birth.

High time R.R Martin penned a mother to Jon, a royal honor this fabulous character of GoT deserves!

(Those believing Lyanna was not betrothed to Robert, must read this – Lyanna Stark

Now, here is the story of my belief. Suppose Robert fathered Jon and if that actually appears based on my extrapolation of the scene (where the face of the child reappears with that of Jon), I guess Cersei Lannister will have another mighty contender or heir to the throne of Iron Gate alongside Daenerys or Tyrian Lannister.

Jaime Lannister seems to be at the bottom of food chain, for now. But I highly suspect if the Imp will make his way to the throne successfully, regardless of how eloquent he is. I hope he has realistic grasp of his weakness at the moment and will not do anything stupid that may jeopardize his condition as Hand of Queen to Daenerys.

Daenarys is one of the most intelligent, power-hungry characters of GoT. I loved her fights and willpower of not letting herself to be the victim of circumstances. Despite being widow, her entire journey from start to until now (season 6) is testimony of her commendable grit and tenacity. I admired her for granting mercy to Tyrian even though she knew that her State’s predicament was brought forth by none other than cruel Lannister clan.

Meanwhile, Daenerys and the vagary of her three fire-puking dragons can wreck havoc on the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. This further mounts up my apprehension about whether Jon Snow could be able to lay claim on the Iron Gate, considering the rival who is relatively more aggressive and have huge army of slaves boarded in the fleet of ships bound to the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms with the single most purpose – lay claim on the throne by whatever means necessary.

However, I also suspect mood-swing of Daenerys at this moment.

What if she abdicates her ambition for iron gate? It is because of the fact that she was miserably failed to restore peace in the Slaver’s Bay, at which Tyrian, her advisory, mocked and cautioned retreat from the pursuit of being queen of any kingdom.

I know that was merely said in jest by Tyrian, but it was implicative of Daenerys’ lacking required skill to rule. May be she claimed the iron gate, but then what?

Will she be able to rule it? OR, will she anoint Tyrian as King, her Hand of the Queen?

Lastly, what about White Walkers? Will they find out Bran? Will they resuscitate Hodor? What if they assail on the Lords of the Seven Kingdom?

Let’s see what season 7 entails for us. Like other fans, I myself is dying with speculation of this intoxicating complexity of the show.

Winter is coming!


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