Writing concludes Writing

I see a lot of people getting flustered as to what makes writing good.

Some even want to know what makes writing supremely great. Point is, people are really clueless as to what makes writing good or bad. Suppose if I read a piece of writing on LinkedIn or Mashable and loved the content much, naturally I would value it as a good piece of writing. Anything antithesis of it would be called by me a nugatory piece of writing. It also means to say that goodness or badness of any piece, in this connection, depends largely on your way of judging or rather say, your discretion. If something agrees with your discretion, you voice your pleasure about it or vice versa.

I have been writing for nearly seven years. Believe me, I don’t like reading my own stuff. If that means I don’t like what I write; well, that would be quite an effrontery to my creative expression. Of course I love my manuscript, but for some strange reasons, I don’t like reading all of what I write.

I get the feeling that me not reading my own manuscript is actually a way of avoiding being judgmental and critical on my craft. But I would lie if I say I am not critical on my writing. Fact to be told, I am perhaps the world’s bitterest critique on my manuscript. Thanks to my pedantic nature. There have been times I had disapprovingly rejected writing further, as few sentences that I wrote didn’t sound interesting to me, though some friends said it was worth reading content.

After these years of writing, I came to this new-fangled understanding that writing is what defines writing. There is nothing more to be added to this.

Writing concludes writing. That’s it.


I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have written even a few sentences worthwhile, had I not started to write, be it professionally or personally. The beauty of my career as a writer is its PERSISTENCE. Though most of the times I thought of quitting on writing due to perceptible reality of penury faced by most writers who sell their niche for commercial purpose on condescendingly lower price. I have never seen any content writer driving his/her own car (unless it’s bank-funded) or having a good home or even being able to live a lavish lifestyle. Oh, forget the ‘lavish’ pun, most writers can’t even manage to make a both ends meet due to meager income they draw from their employer or freelancing.

STILL, I have not given up on writing. It never occurred to my wildest dream that I should quite on it and find a lucrative replacement to make myself richer. Anyway, that kind of persistence helped me a lot. I’ve realised that anything that you do doesn’t reach to its perfection if you do it half-halfheartedly and un-continuously. I am not advocating that I am now a supremely great writer given my experience. It’s just that being with writing after so many years, I’ve earned this insight that I am at least better than yesterday and hopefully do a lot better in future if I keep on writing.


So here I am believing that nothing defines writing more than writing, without losing enthusiasm and confidence to get better and better in it, through persistence.

I learned SEO content writing and creative writing in these years, all by myself, through writing and writing. I believe that if you want to learn something new and you don’t know what’s better way than cramming up jargons or all those sentences, it’s better to write about it, other than teaching ‘bout’ it. YES, if that requires spinning content of other author, just do it. Because when you write based on the ideas of other writers, the brain cells wake up to a new task – exercising all the nerves to create substitute words for you so that you can easily avoid plagiarism and write a piece of your own (Don’t forget to credit the main source though). I knew nothing about VIRTUAL REALITY until I wrote few articles and blogs about it. My knowledge about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and many things about SEO was ZERO, until I wrote about ém’.

When you write something new, naturally you search related information about the new subject. You then brainstorm ideas to create interesting lines or paragraphs so that the piece of writing sounds interesting and more people love to read it. Being informative becomes your motive, a great lesson writing teaches you, if you try to listen to it.

Writing is about persistence, which in another way of saying, is writing itself. Nothing defines writing better than writing. That’s what I tend to believe.

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