Persistence beautifies writing

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat and close-upTo the best of my recollection as a content writer, persistence beautifies your writing. More to say, it perfects your creative expressions. Long time back when I started to write, many things like SEO content writing, how to grammatize sentence, backlinks, hyperlinking texts in content, and charging money for per words of my craft were all Greek to me. It beyond my ken if writing could be commercialized and if yes, then in what manner? Anyway, rookie writers like me in those days followed ‘’conventional’’ wisdom of “swimming downstream”. Anyway times changed since then. Looking back to where I started, I get absolute picture of myself writing thousands of words for employers, oblivious to the exploitation I inadvertently allowed them on me. Of course being underpaid for mountainous works I did was nothing but being exploited at the hands of exploiters.

The bygone era afforded me several job opportunities. I worked as a content writer writing content for the websites of my employers. I also lent my hands in freelancing my writing but suffered heavy loss as few imposter clients ran away with the money I worked hard to earn. Regretting? No way! I seldom feel remorseful over the nasty deeds of immoral humans. That’s not my job to wonder. I leave it to God. In the meantime what was remarkable was my association with writing. Yes, it is hard to believe that I stuck with something demand of which is higher in the market albeit on meagre remuneration. I continued with writing even today. Most of the times I thought of giving up on it. Two years back from today, I was jobless for nearly nine months. No company gave me job. Rejection in many interviews was not related to my inability to perform well but the scornful attitude of the interviewers for treating my unemployment as their vile excuse for conceding to their demand. What was it? To work for them on salary embarrassingly and insultingly lower to what I was paid for in my past employment. Sad story. However, I stayed with writing.

Driven to depression due to insurmountable pressures of unemployment, I thought of quitting on writing in replacement for something better worth continuing to earn bread and butter. However, inner little me scolded me not to listen to the voice of subjugation. It said just because circumstances are not in favor doesn’t mean to submit yourself to it. Moreover, nothing stays permanently. Even this misery is fated to be gone. Just have patience. So, I kept on writing in time of great adversity. A friend of mine during those hard times advised me do something better for my livelihood but I humbly rejected his advice, asserting if what I do takes me to penury and die out of it, that’s fine. Let me stay with it.

I am sorry to have got carried away in my expressions. I know it’s contextually unacceptable behavior. When you write, you are supposed to be to the point, aren’t you? But then again, it’s not writing for driving traffic like we do in content marketing, which is purely professional. Anyway, the point is persistence has its own beauty.

I knew nothing about many things in writing like seo content writing, article, blog or even content for classified, bookmarking and other stuff. For a rookie writer like me, it was quite expected of me not to have much knowledge about various aspects of writing on various genre. But due to persistence in spite of adversity I faced during the course of my life as a writer, I continued with it. Today it’s been more than six years and if God permits, I will continue writing for more years to come.

Persistence sharpens your writing, if you are willing to learn. Docility matters in writing. I have seen many people who don’t want to upgrade their skill in writing. I have witnessed their fiasco and rejection job after job, as they lacked the skill consistent with the demands in modern days. Persistence doesn’t mean you should keep on writing without actually learning what you write about. I advise you during the initial stage, try to learn writing on various genre, but at least hone your skill in a particular genre. It will stand you in good stead.

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