Why People Regard Virtual World A Safer Place For Their Intellectual Expressions?

Virtual world
We have so tied our dependence with the virtual world that we’re enslaved to their magnetism.

Since the advent of online technology and subsequent rapid expansion of virtual wonderment that it manifested in the lifestyle of people has categorically delineated one very significant virtue, that virtual life is over-dominating the real world of human beings.

In view of the circumstances that intellectual expressions of people are getting confined to the precinct of digital world or virtual world, there is stark conclusion signifying the next generation would have incurable obsession of this cyber world, which would be confidently regarded as the most preferred rendezvous for the likeminded to speak their mind.

Why Do People Regard Virtual World A Safer Place For Their Intellectual Expressions?

Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter are attributed to have distinctively inspired people to have their say safely, either through pseudo profiles or as a passive expressionalist over the subjects which they intrinsically feel to have their “expressed dissatisfaction” with.

As a matter of fact, we have so much deluded ourselves with the phony reputation of this virtual world that we deliberately tend to overlook our own existence with the real world to the detriment of family, friends and relationships.

Based on my intellectual obsession with knowledge and the developed subjective experience, I’ve reasoned out as per my own standpoint with regards to the question aforesaid:

Textual Expression Overweighs Verbal Expression:

The communication of belief or opinion through textual delineation, as I have personally observed myself, is very stronger as compared to the verbal expression wherein the speaker or commentator often fumbles for right words to convey message effectively.

virtual world
The communication of opinion through verbal expression in open space is not a preferred choice for most.

In addition, those with agoraphobia (fear of public places) syndrome typically acquiesce to virtual places to speak their mind rather than ensuring their physical presence in open places and have their intellectual expressions stammered with nausea.

Virtual World Is A Tireless And Prompt Access To People’s Intellectual Expression:

How long will it take to tweet your intellectual expressions over a burning issue of your nation?

Less than a minute, I guess.

And that’s exactly what most people adore virtual platform for the least time-consuming verbalization of their intellectualism which could otherwise have been annoyingly time-consuming and less creative in an open place.

With smartphone powered by non-stop internet connection, getting an access to virtual world is technically very, very easy.

Well, that may not be an entirely true, as we’d witnessed the frenzy mob of demonstrators in support of establishing laws and orders in society or demanding justice against social menaces or apprehension of perpetrators.

However, witnessing such incidents in real life is quite exceptional as today’s smartphone-equipped generations have their deep-seated affinity with virtual world to have their say because that does the job instantly.

We’re Developing A Bystander Syndrome, Willingly Let The Sleeping Dogs Lie:

Well, the virtual world is certainly not a factor behind developing such a syndrome; most people deliberately subjugate themselves to their unwillingness of interfering in the status-quo, signifying “that’s none of my business” characteristic (a willingly and cunningly manufactured habit).

Such people take resort to social media and anonymously express their viewpoints, as somewhere deep-down, they crave to have their dissatisfaction expressed namelessly.

Introverts Evince Their Preferential Treatment To Virtual World

The way the consumption rate of online technology is increasing, we’d be besieged by the deluge of overwhelming power of digital world. Meanwhile, the increasing number of introverts is yet another fearsome contributory to the mounting popularity of virtual world, as they impulsively tie their affinity with the virtual social places so as to speak their mind safely without others intruding their ‘sweet home’ world.

No doubt these people deliberately cut off all social contacts and zero their presence in public places to express their thoughts.

Annotation: The idea expressed in the blog is subjective experience of the writer. He owes no explanation to naysayers in light of their dissonance with the post.

If You Want To Be A Good Writer: Write A Lot

In my previous post, If you want to be a good writer – Read a Lot, I’d narrated the one significant quotation of Stephen King where the statement emphasized the importance of reading books for anyone wishing to be a writer in their life.

Now, this blog post highlights significance of his another statement to which he suggested writers ought to write a lot in order to be best in their niche.

What are the salient benefits of writing a lot, especially when it is an emphatic point behind improving one’s writing skill?

A scintillating improvement to your creative expression manifests due to writing a lot:

One of the most remarkable benefits of writing that you may experience is visible improvement in your creative expression, albeit the condition behind manifestation of such a notable improvement in your writing is subject to persistent practice backed by your commitment and dedication.

Writing is indeed a commitment of giving your hundred and one percent to this lexical aspect of contextualizing words. Apparently, you must ensure that the continuity of the practice is unbreakable even though it may sound physically and mentally demanding task.

Writing a lot gives you an improved understanding of your subject matter:

I’ve personally observed over the five years of writing that I’ve mastered over many subjects with an improved insight of their subtle meaning.

Though I was professionally obliged to comply certain rules and regulations associated with my professional association with my employer organizations in relation with writing contents for their marketing purposes, however, my contribution also helped me with an improved insight about those subjects I wrote contents about.

Writing a lot qualifies you for a host of writing jobs demanding someone with specialization into writing:

If you believe that specialization in writing comes through having yourself enrolled for a writing course in a university, then I don’t think that is actually the most realistic and trustworthy way to gain the specialization. Rather, I tend to believe that if one is hell-bent and labors hard for writing with dedication, very soon he will gain the required expertise.

Moreover, in due course of time, his month-long persistent practice will help him qualified for writing jobs demanding specialized writer. Yes, this is possible, but such an excellence comes through persistence.

I do not want to demean the credibility of such writing program offered by university and different institutions worldwide, for they are certainly credited to have given the world numerous writers who are respectively known among us for their creative or unique expressions.

I just want to point out that writing a lot with dedication and constant practice can also give you the required excellence and specialization that you may have sought otherwise through those creative writing courses designed to make you expert at your niche, but in return of monetary charges.

Writing develops your communication power convincingly:

If you indulge yourself into writing with dedication and perseverance, very soon you gather an improved communication power; you can actually master the art of persuading or impressing others. This is not an overnight result at all; you need a lot of time to finally master this art, but make no doubt that if you continue writing, you’ll have the communication mastery.

Writing a lot, conclusively, is one of the most effective techniques to improve your writing skill together with giving you additional awesome benefits. Though I’ve personally observed that most writers are introvert and usually confine themselves into their introversion believing that’s the safest room in the world to create a masterpiece.

And no doubt that most classic books that we find today were actually originated from the mind of those writers who confined their world into the wall of their own introversion.

However, to be a good writer, you don’t have to be introverted or aloof, just enjoy your writing and when finished,  give it a good visual check to ensure correctness of sentences in terms of grammar and syntax.

And, do not forget to read this:

Pawan Kumar Jha
The size of your dream determines the size of your success.

If You Want To Be A Good Writer – Read A Lot

Pawan Kumar Jha

Though I can’t say this with absolute conviction, but I believe I am one of those internet users in the world who can’t leave without browsing information and quotations of great minded individuals.

Sincerely speaking, I love positive-thoughts inspiring quotations of those greatest souls whose legacy we still adore much, not because they had been meaningful and relevant to the then era of their prevalence, but also because of the fact that they still lend gravity of awesomeness and inspiration to the readers.

A good number of people in the world brought spiritual transmogrification to their life by imbibing positive thoughts.

Lately I happened to be reading a very quote by Stephen King in which he quoted as saying,

“If you want to be a (good) writer, you must do two things above others: Read a lot & Write a lot.”

Being myself a writer, this quotation of world’s one of the most renowned novelists cast its inspirational message onto me, drove me into pensiveness, and subsequently (as impressed by the message), I thought to analyze the quote according to my own discretion and understanding.

No doubt, if I want to be a good writer, a very renowned writer of someone with stature of Stephen King, it is, therefore, the greatest necessity of mine to follow wholeheartedly the underlying message of the quotation. Now, I am going to analyze in the following way just because I am feeling so intrigued to elaborate this great thought of Mr. Stephen King.

If you want to be a good writer:

Read A Lot:

Reading, to my mind, is really helpful for everyone dreaming about to become one of the best writers in the world. Our thought patterns develop in due course of time in conformity with our developing affinity with reading books, great books with worth-following lessons. Importance of reading

The human mind, if not supplied with good nourishment and healthy food intakes in a routine way every day, the eventual outcome that we experience is harrowing, it stops functioning properly. In other words, the mind becomes dull that consequently affects its interpretative skill of the incoming thoughts from the sources such as life’s experience or by conversing with different people etc.

Just as good foods are vital for a mind to function properly, in similar manner a writer’s mind needs to be foddered by great thoughts in their intellectual patterns so that the interpreted ideas stand for one’s uniqueness and speak the volume of smartness, informativeness and standout.

The nature of thoughts accumulated from reading is entirely subject to the kind of books that a reader reads! Reading-generated ideas are, therefore, the cumulative process in the form of accretion in mind, which come out in the total conformity with their tonality.

So to say, the ideas accumulated out of reading are reflected in our writing. The way we sentence is the reflection of “nature” of ideas accumulated from reading.

What to Read A Lot?

Since you want to become a writer, it is therefore quite essential of you to read books that are dedicated to people who want to be a writer – that’s the first requisite you should prioritize.

However, I do not believe that a reader’s mind should be preoccupied with its own narrow-mindedness of gathering centralized ideas from the specific dedicated books. I wholeheartedly believe that ideas must be expanded beyond any dimension and should not be restricted to adherence of certain privileges/sources as the horizon of a writer’s mind must be expanded as much as possible, and this is possible only when a writer must indulge into reading a lot of books, good books with great ideas.

To read a particular book to become a writer, one must first of all prioritize one’s field of interest.

For instance, one of the fields such as sports, health, real estate, medical, finance, technical etc. must be chosen carefully so that the writer has a clear vision of their goal. Hence, a book must be chosen accordingly. To say otherwise, if you want to get a hand on technical writing prospective, reading books dedicated to technical fields or latest evolution in technical markets or related to similar ideas will be great for you.

Similarly, if you are a pious individual who wants to write spiritual posts or something on personality development in spiritual context, reading spiritual and religious books would be of great use.