Persistence beautifies writing

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat and close-upTo the best of my recollection as a content writer, persistence beautifies your writing. More to say, it perfects your creative expressions. Long time back when I started to write, many things like SEO content writing, how to grammatize sentence, backlinks, hyperlinking texts in content, and charging money for per words of my craft were all Greek to me. It beyond my ken if writing could be commercialized and if yes, then in what manner? Anyway, rookie writers like me in those days followed ‘’conventional’’ wisdom of “swimming downstream”. Anyway times changed since then. Looking back to where I started, I get absolute picture of myself writing thousands of words for employers, oblivious to the exploitation I inadvertently allowed them on me. Of course being underpaid for mountainous works I did was nothing but being exploited at the hands of exploiters.

The bygone era afforded me several job opportunities. I worked as a content writer writing content for the websites of my employers. I also lent my hands in freelancing my writing but suffered heavy loss as few imposter clients ran away with the money I worked hard to earn. Regretting? No way! I seldom feel remorseful over the nasty deeds of immoral humans. That’s not my job to wonder. I leave it to God. In the meantime what was remarkable was my association with writing. Yes, it is hard to believe that I stuck with something demand of which is higher in the market albeit on meagre remuneration. I continued with writing even today. Most of the times I thought of giving up on it. Two years back from today, I was jobless for nearly nine months. No company gave me job. Rejection in many interviews was not related to my inability to perform well but the scornful attitude of the interviewers for treating my unemployment as their vile excuse for conceding to their demand. What was it? To work for them on salary embarrassingly and insultingly lower to what I was paid for in my past employment. Sad story. However, I stayed with writing.

Driven to depression due to insurmountable pressures of unemployment, I thought of quitting on writing in replacement for something better worth continuing to earn bread and butter. However, inner little me scolded me not to listen to the voice of subjugation. It said just because circumstances are not in favor doesn’t mean to submit yourself to it. Moreover, nothing stays permanently. Even this misery is fated to be gone. Just have patience. So, I kept on writing in time of great adversity. A friend of mine during those hard times advised me do something better for my livelihood but I humbly rejected his advice, asserting if what I do takes me to penury and die out of it, that’s fine. Let me stay with it.

I am sorry to have got carried away in my expressions. I know it’s contextually unacceptable behavior. When you write, you are supposed to be to the point, aren’t you? But then again, it’s not writing for driving traffic like we do in content marketing, which is purely professional. Anyway, the point is persistence has its own beauty.

I knew nothing about many things in writing like seo content writing, article, blog or even content for classified, bookmarking and other stuff. For a rookie writer like me, it was quite expected of me not to have much knowledge about various aspects of writing on various genre. But due to persistence in spite of adversity I faced during the course of my life as a writer, I continued with it. Today it’s been more than six years and if God permits, I will continue writing for more years to come.

Persistence sharpens your writing, if you are willing to learn. Docility matters in writing. I have seen many people who don’t want to upgrade their skill in writing. I have witnessed their fiasco and rejection job after job, as they lacked the skill consistent with the demands in modern days. Persistence doesn’t mean you should keep on writing without actually learning what you write about. I advise you during the initial stage, try to learn writing on various genre, but at least hone your skill in a particular genre. It will stand you in good stead.

Writing concludes Writing

I see a lot of people getting flustered as to what makes writing good.

Some even want to know what makes writing supremely great. Point is, people are really clueless as to what makes writing good or bad. Suppose if I read a piece of writing on LinkedIn or Mashable and loved the content much, naturally I would value it as a good piece of writing. Anything antithesis of it would be called by me a nugatory piece of writing. It also means to say that goodness or badness of any piece, in this connection, depends largely on your way of judging or rather say, your discretion. If something agrees with your discretion, you voice your pleasure about it or vice versa.

I have been writing for nearly seven years. Believe me, I don’t like reading my own stuff. If that means I don’t like what I write; well, that would be quite an effrontery to my creative expression. Of course I love my manuscript, but for some strange reasons, I don’t like reading all of what I write.

I get the feeling that me not reading my own manuscript is actually a way of avoiding being judgmental and critical on my craft. But I would lie if I say I am not critical on my writing. Fact to be told, I am perhaps the world’s bitterest critique on my manuscript. Thanks to my pedantic nature. There have been times I had disapprovingly rejected writing further, as few sentences that I wrote didn’t sound interesting to me, though some friends said it was worth reading content.

After these years of writing, I came to this new-fangled understanding that writing is what defines writing. There is nothing more to be added to this.

Writing concludes writing. That’s it.


I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have written even a few sentences worthwhile, had I not started to write, be it professionally or personally. The beauty of my career as a writer is its PERSISTENCE. Though most of the times I thought of quitting on writing due to perceptible reality of penury faced by most writers who sell their niche for commercial purpose on condescendingly lower price. I have never seen any content writer driving his/her own car (unless it’s bank-funded) or having a good home or even being able to live a lavish lifestyle. Oh, forget the ‘lavish’ pun, most writers can’t even manage to make a both ends meet due to meager income they draw from their employer or freelancing.

STILL, I have not given up on writing. It never occurred to my wildest dream that I should quite on it and find a lucrative replacement to make myself richer. Anyway, that kind of persistence helped me a lot. I’ve realised that anything that you do doesn’t reach to its perfection if you do it half-halfheartedly and un-continuously. I am not advocating that I am now a supremely great writer given my experience. It’s just that being with writing after so many years, I’ve earned this insight that I am at least better than yesterday and hopefully do a lot better in future if I keep on writing.


So here I am believing that nothing defines writing more than writing, without losing enthusiasm and confidence to get better and better in it, through persistence.

I learned SEO content writing and creative writing in these years, all by myself, through writing and writing. I believe that if you want to learn something new and you don’t know what’s better way than cramming up jargons or all those sentences, it’s better to write about it, other than teaching ‘bout’ it. YES, if that requires spinning content of other author, just do it. Because when you write based on the ideas of other writers, the brain cells wake up to a new task – exercising all the nerves to create substitute words for you so that you can easily avoid plagiarism and write a piece of your own (Don’t forget to credit the main source though). I knew nothing about VIRTUAL REALITY until I wrote few articles and blogs about it. My knowledge about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and many things about SEO was ZERO, until I wrote about ém’.

When you write something new, naturally you search related information about the new subject. You then brainstorm ideas to create interesting lines or paragraphs so that the piece of writing sounds interesting and more people love to read it. Being informative becomes your motive, a great lesson writing teaches you, if you try to listen to it.

Writing is about persistence, which in another way of saying, is writing itself. Nothing defines writing better than writing. That’s what I tend to believe.


I want to work really very hard but my inertia and procrastination get the best on my willingness. I believe that just by thinking or wishing for success couldn’t materialize my dream or want. I feel repulsed with this hatred on myself that why I am so delayer in almost everything. I have personally observed that the things of luxury nature attract me instantly rather than the things of study or something that could really make my life meaningful.

Today I had a telephonic discussion with my egoist landlord. He, like almost everyone who loves to bluff or braggart himself too much, started to sound off really smartass.

These days, people who think they can speak English simply look down upon those who prefer to speak in their language than choosing a foreign language to speak to other people. This landlord talked to me in English just because he wanted to show me that he could speak that language.

That’s okay if someone speaks English with me, but that is surely not okay and of course acceptable if the person uses that language to show off his superiority complex. That guy started to show off with a tonality of superiority complex by using that language but I guess that was backfired when I retorted him in English.

This should be a topic of discussion on a worldwide level that why English is quickly embraced by so called intelligent society as a smart way of communication by discrediting the prestige of Hindi, the language which is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Anyway, the point of talking was that my landlord, when he heard me of retorting in English, just resorted to Hindi but I kept talking nonstop just because I wanted him to believe that I was not less than him in any way imaginable.

I may be wrong that I had stumped him, but his resorting to Hindi and unmistakable vacillation told me different story.

The conversation concluded with either party having reached to a unanimous point. However, that left me wondering if my procrastination had something to do with the POWER or convincing appeal in my English, for I have not been in touch with the practice of the language for many days resulting in less than required convincing appeal in it.

I believe that procrastination is killing my real talent, which is I can impress other people with my way of speaking. However, I believe that my eloquence won’t bear fruit until and unless I work really hard to make it more meaningful, charming, attractive, and convincing. The conversation with the landlord had me disabused of the misconception that I am perfect in speaking English, quite oblivious to this naked reality that like any foreign language to have a good command on it, one must work really hard, harder, to say the least.

May God bless me the power of working too hard so that I could have my dreams fulfilled. My aim is to become one of the richest guys. I want to fulfill the desire of my wife and give my son a quality education for his life. I also want to be known as one of the most intellectual persons who talk sense and people love to listen to him.

Amen to that.

Respect when someone means to be respected

I don’t think respect must be given to someone on the impression that he/she is superior to you in a certain way, like in terms of wealth or education. Respect is something that must be earned, and most importantly, I tend to believe that respect is something you should give in the same manner as you receive it from someone else. I might sound little imperious here, as my statement sort of represents a sense of arrogance. In other words, you may feel asking – okay, I get that. You mean to say if someone else is disrespecting me, I should return the favor in the same manner of conduct. Is that right?”

Well, if you ask me this question that would be hard to argue because even I believe that respect is counterproductive when you have given it to someone who has disrespected your respect. According to Gandhian philosophy if someone has hurt you in a way causing you an immense loss of emotional or mental peace, show the person love and kindness instead of your hatred in return of his ill-treatment.

I am not entirely a Gandhian type of guy because I have not the unfathomable gravity of patience like him. In today’s context, if you try to see people and their conduct, you kind of imagine that your way of respecting them would fall on deaf ears as not all of them are considerate enough to appreciate the value of your good-natured treatment. This is because people are driven

This is because people are driven to their own ego, and anything or anyone that may sound or appear hurting their ego in certain way would be treated badly, to an extent of their hatred. I believe that respect should be given to someone when that person really appreciates the virtue of what an honor stands for.

Let me narrate a story…

I was travelling in a bus where one of my fellow passengers was blurting out some godforsaken jibes at the driver, cursing his inability to drive carefully. He was of opinion that if the drive were careful enough to dodge other vehicles hitting the road heading to the same direction as his vehicle, he would probably drive far ahead of them, bringing us closer to our destination.

I could not stand his ill-informed judgment and ventured out my opinion humbly – how can you talk like that? Do you have any idea what you are suggesting? You are suggesting the driver should overtake other vehicles on this busy road fraught with many vehicles? What if the driver lost control on the bus? Do you know the result of it? Instead of appreciating my questions, he snapped at me, asking – “Hey, you speak like a chicken-hearted fellow who

Instead of appreciating my questions, he snapped at me, asking – “Hey, you speak like a chicken-hearted fellow who is scared of the speeding vehicle. I have taken personal enjoyment to witness when a vehicle speeds past other vehicles leaving them far behind. God, it was a sight of utter thrill.”

“So what? It doesn’t mean you should provoke the driver to overtake other vehicles just because you want to head your home in a hurry. Just sit tight and let him do the job.” On being rebuked by me, the passenger seemed to have lost his temper, and in a fit of rage tried to call me by names until the driver himself got up from his driving seat.

Holding the passenger by the collar, a row of slaps landed on both the cheeks of the maniac passenger, sending him into the whirlwind of some other form of thrill. The slaps were accompanied by some cuss words for the passenger which I don’t want to elaborate here, but the point of the whole conversation was that I really lost my respect for that fellow, considering his inability to appreciate the sanity of other fellow passengers.

I honestly believe that you should not demean your respect when the favor of which is not returned in the same etiquette. Well, I won’t force you to be stingy in your manner of respecting other people, but if someone tries to belittle it for some unknown reasons or his madness, it is better to get the drift and follow your way.

Mean your job honorable

When you do a job as a professional writer, you are bound to make some unspoken responsibility, that you will do your best to make the job undertaken viable for your employer, and for your own career advantage. That being said, let your employer feel that he has made a right decision by giving you an opportunity to streamline his core business operations.

These days, the commitment to making your job worth the salt for you and for your employer has either transformed into self-centric appeasement of individuals at large or it is no longer a commendable ethical discipline for most. There was a time when commitment shown toward the job in hand was remarkably followed and the enormity of adherence to making your employer’s vision success was strongly felt.

I mean no contradiction to the current trend of following the same disciplinary motto as exercised by employees.

Of course, there are countless of them who think that they should pay utmost regard to the job they are doing, and by fulfilling the job responsibility, either emotionally or professionally. There must always be the perceptible sense of obedience, regard, and commitment toward the job, for you are being paid for being the duty-bound employee. Even faint conveyance of contumacy to the job could be tantamount to your disloyalty to it. This show of conduct, I believe, is anathematic.

I have been appointed as a Team Head in a company that is sort of a start-up firm based in Noida. Before the appointment, things were not systematically organised as the team of writers were acting like some unbridled animals, knowing nothing of how to live in discipline and follow the loyalty and commitment expected from them by their employer.

My appointment proved to be a downright intrusion to their self-created fantasy world in which no outsider is welcome and will remain treated as outcast unless the person concedes to the group’s frolicsome activity, regardless of you do this on the cost of the job loyalty. I strongly refused to be part of such a messy, hellish, nonsensical and farcical show of froli-conduct behavior which lent no fruitful result to the job. Very soon my being eyesore to the members of the own team started to be the first impression, and I often eavesdropped some guys calling me by bad names.

And me?

Well, unfazed, literally.

How come?

Well, I have, since a very long time, developed this propensity not to give a fuck to anything or anyone resorting to mockery to my presence in any given situation or in as any given role I am bound to perform. This is because I have got an understanding that responding to someone criticizing you out of the point or out of the whimsical fancy of their own dreamworld makes no sense at all. Worse, my resorting to counterattack to criticism will only aggravate the situation, for someone who has renounced the idea of exercising logic and sanity in a conversation should be left alone to celebrate the illusionary victory of their whims. By the say, the person will not mend his ways.

I tend to do my Karma and leave the outcome to God. As a result, I think it helped me sometimes.

Today the team I am heading today has just one writer whom I had recruited on the basis of his talent as a writer. The rest of the members were fired and retrenched, and believe me, I felt no emotional kind of sorrow over their ouster. This is because I even do not have respect for those who take this job out of the context, or take it for granted as if the job were nothing but a useless burden. I believe, so long you work for your employer, you have to be rational and duty-bound. This is mandatory and it is quite expected from you as well.

I dont mean to endorse the sense of slavery or preach you to become subservient to your employer. I am not promoting the belief that you should follow the tactic of ‘Yes Boss’ as most people find it one of the viable tactics to survive in private jobs these days, which is sadly a reality.

Well, I mean to say, being obedient and respectful to your job means you are regarding it as it will finally regard you. This is simply a reciprocal relationship with your job. You respect it, you get back the respect from it.

Respect your job even though it sucks. Leave it if you think that’s going to be unmanageable. But never make an effort to misuse the job by sitting idle or taking it out of the regards. So long you are into the job, it means you have taken an oath to be duty-bound toward it.

After all, someone is paying you for your talent and being in the job should not mean that you are enslaving yourself to someone you call the boss. It means someone has hired your talent and the relationship is just like professional. It is ethical as well not to be disrespectful to your job.

Kane And Abel – An Intelligent Thriller Novel

kane and kabel novelToday I have finished reading Jeffrey Archer’s world famous novel – KANE AND ABEL and I must confess this one has been the most gripping book that I’ve read attentively.

Also, this is my first review of any book. Previously I read another book – THE LONG SHOT by Stephen Leather and was irresistibly drawn to it; finished reading it by virtually abdicating most of the things like eating foods on time, reading, and the internet kind of things among other activities that I loved doing or was supposed to do.

Kane And Abel is not simply a novel based on the personal vendetta of two of its leading characters – William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski (Polish migrant to USA) – though the book itself survives on these two leading character’s overtly obsessed hatred for each other.

When I started to read the book, the first few paragraph of the first chapter of the novel held my attention, made me fixated to keep on reading further. Quite literally, I sort of made myself bound to an unwittingly vowed volition of not to leave the book until I am done with reading 🙂

Well, here I am, the man who has finished reading the book, but instead of chucking or tossing it aside, I have actually shelved it in my book shelf next to THE LONG SHOT.

Well, if you think that my bookshelf has just two novels so far, then let me tell you honestly that even though I am sort of bibliophile, I am more like collecting the books rather than reading them. Yes, I am very selective readers; regardless of my intractable obsession with collecting books just like a philatelist.


What I am smitten with the book is the writer’s unfathomable imagination of weaving story for each and every character, particularly those of Kane and Abel’s have been thoroughly impressive, and it is no wonder why the titular novel on both the characters has been the centralized theme of the book.

Otherwise, there is no entertainment at all if either of the characters at cross purpose is shown dead in the middle of the novel. Though it happened, but understandably at the end of the book.

One more thing, the deep-seated hatred of both the characters and the way such revulsion has been demonstrated is what makes the book a must-read. By the time you feel leaving the book for another time, there suddenly pops up certain twist of the event that you feel glued to the book, magically.

While I admire hate-consumed Kane and Abel, I, however, fail to understand if the novelist Jeffrey really meant no meeting of Kane and Abel at all as a friend absolved of their mutual dislike. In the climax, the two key characters; frail and worn out of their old age, come across to each other, half-heartedly acknowledging their presence and then parted their way. It was as if a moment of conversation would melt away their years-long hatred that they kept on feeding in their hearts without anticipating gross consequence of such besotted revulsion.

It was as if they feared that a moment of conversation would melt away their years-long hatred that they kept on feeding in their hearts without anticipating gross consequence of such besotted revulsion.

It was nearly a tearful moment mixed with the curse for Abel when he happens to read a letter sent by a banker friend, revealing to him of the unacknowledged generosity of the deceased Kane who helped Abel by being a nameless contributor of funds for his new venture at his financial juncture.

I liked the characteristic traits of William Kane right from the beginning of the novel and sort of enjoyed his triumph over the board of members at Lester Bank facilitating his ascension to the chairmanship of the bank. However, I must confess that the struggle of Kane can never outweigh or prevail over compared to what hardship and destitution amidst the insufferable pains and struggle to limelight Abel has been through.

In fact, he has earned himself, throughout the novel, a deserving laurel from readers like me and I have no hesitation to say, if it were not the revenge-struck battle of both the characters, the novel would have lost the sheen of what it enjoys from the readers.

Conclusively, Kane and Abel is a tightly plotted, highly gripping novel.

One more thing – You will love this book more if you are profoundly familiar with the stock market and how the prices of shares fluctuate by their ancillary factors. This is because both the key characters in the novel leaves no stone unturned to topple down and humiliate each other by using in place their commendable wits.

Though Abel finally emerges as the winner of this chess-like game of personal vendetta by ceasing the fate of Kane boy into an inescapable checkmate (Kane’s ouster from Lester Bank much before the maturity of his tenure), he still ends up being a loser; at the end morally supported by his foe’s son (in law), his own daughter and infant grandson. THE END.

My standpoint on how to make your writing attention grabber


To my subjective comprehension as a writer, one must write to EXPRESS, not to IMPRESS.

Having said that, make your writing READABLE; not from the standpoint of what it is, but also from the perspective of how it can help the readers learn from it.

Here is my gentle persuasion for you in this context.

Avoid being besotted with ‘Attention seeking” individual. Also, do not get obsessed with ‘Excellence’, though you must try harder to improve the quality of your craft a notch higher. Thinking that you can make your piece of writing attention grabber is not gonna happen unless you make it readable and informative.

As long as you keep on writing good pieces of stuff that could enlighten others positively, you are always miles ahead in the race than others who write down things just to impress others.

I have also come to an understanding (I find this knowledge quite valuable) that if you have a sizeable stock of “interesting and action-provoking” words, your writing will always stand out from the rest. However, it doesn’t mean to boast of how verbose you are with the words.

Textual eloquence (the way you speak your mind through words) without a real substance falls apart to the discretion of readers, especially those like to read something of substantial value than your verbose write-up. Such write ups draw attention from readers, but just for a short while.

One of the most important reasons behind increasing bounce rates of a website is thin content or the content written for the purpose of impressing others. On the contrary, such writing tactic could pronounce a counterproductive means for your forte; say, for example, readers will turn down your manuscript condemning it a bombastic piece of your confabulation.

I have also learned from my experience, that you can’t impress everyone with your writing. This is not because there is something wrong in your creative expression; it might be like the kind of stuff you are sharing is not actually for EVERYONE.

For example, if you are sharing your expertise on CLOUD COMPUTING on Quora, your stuff will draw the attention of the readers genuinely interested in reading such stuff. Your writing will not entice the readers seeking something else, say, for example, information on why La La Land Oscar win is a disastrous turn of event for Hollywood.

It is good to have mastery of grammar and use this knowledge in in your writing, but you should avoid using it to an extent beyond which your writing looks like nothing but a piece of the robotically generated manuscript; tasteless, uninteresting, and boring.

I mean to say using grammar in your sentence promotes admissibility of your allegiance to grammar, but it also affords to make your write-up sound insipid. For the sake of maintaining taste and appeal, try to restrict grammatical involvement in your writing.

Great poets like Wordsworth, Tennyson loved their creative expressions and spoke their mind through words without thinking about grammar.

Common grammatical mistakes like SUBJECT+VERB+AGREEMENT must definitely be followed. Obsession with grammar kind of slows down creative expression or it makes you feel disoriented.